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Flags at Half Mast January 30, 2008

gbhOn Sunday night as we were eating dinner, we got the shocking news that President Hinckley, Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for the last 12 years, had passed away. As much as it is a loss for us, it is a happy news as well since he is reunited with his wife. We tried to get onto, Utah’s news source, to find out more details and couldn’t because it was experiencing such high traffic, nor could we call home on Verizon, because of the high volume of people spreading the news. On Monday morning, flags were at half mast in memory of President Hinckley. He made front page news in both the Salt Lake Tribune and the Daily Herald newspapers and has been on the front page of since Sunday.

His funeral will be held at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City (the first prophet of the church to have a funeral in the Conference Center) on Saturday, February 2nd at 11am and will also be broadcast to stake centers worldwide. Senator Obama was scheduled to visit Utah this Saturday and canceled out of respect of President Hinckley’s passing.

As I read back through his words from General Conference in October 2007, in his closing remarks, President Hinckley said, “We look forward to seeing you at the next General Conference. I’m 97, but hope I’ll make it.” He will be missed indeed.


Oh the Irony January 26, 2008

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So here it is, Friday night, tee minus 2 days until my Relief Society lesson on priorities in our lives based on the “Good, Better, Best” talk from last General Conference — instead of lesson prep, I’m blogging. Cruel irony.

Today I got a hair cut at the Paul Mitchell School in Provo for $12. Can you imagine?! I saw some of the best hair cuts I’ve seen in a while on the stylists in that room – this is always a good sign! Aubrey did a great job, though my hair seems a wee bit short for my liking. Of course, that’s what a hair cut entails and ultimately it will grow. You know what I’m dying for? A red streak!

new hair cut

Funny Ginger story. Tim came home yesterday to find Ginger had gone #2 in her litter box and that she had covered it with toilet paper! She’s got a great sense of humor, that one.

Off to my lesson prep… wish me luck.


Lick lick, kiss kiss January 20, 2008

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dsc_0073.jpgGinger loves to lick photos for some reason.  It must be the chemicals they use to develop the pictures (it can’t be healthy, I know).  So we’ve given her a picture of my family to lick and kiss when she wants a treat.  Look at how much she loves you!!!


“What a boring blog – where are the pictures?”

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*sigh* In the midst of the moving furniture and belongings from room to room to escape the mudding and dust and painters, I have seem to misplaced the silly cord that transfers photos from the camera. I know! My blog is so BORING without photographs! Plus, our printer (Plan B for transferring photos) is on the fritz (stupid tempermental printer) so we’ll just all have to be satisfied with no pictures for the time being.
It’s Sunday afternoon and while I intended to watch a movie after playing hooky from Sunday School, I have been searching for ethnic food recipes (in particular butter chicken) and spent the last hour poring over Cassandra Barney’s fantastic blog (see blogroll). She has LOTS of pictures, documents her fun adventures with husband and kittens (as she likes to call her daughters) along with bearing her soul and amusing random thoughts. Yay! It’s so good to see more powerful, artistic women in Utah!

If you live in Utah Valley and are hankering for some good ethnic food, may I make a recommendation? Try Taste of Punjab at 1241 E. 8600 S. in Sandy and was recommended to us by our friend Tracy, who’s just as picky about food as I am! Good taste 🙂 It’s KILLER Indian food and makes me wonder why I didn’t get into it more while we were living in Vancouver, a stone’s throw away from Little India. 😦 While we were home for Christmas, we walked up to Fraser street and bought half a dozen samosas for less than $5!


Our cooning calico kitten, Ginger, is in heat — again. I am holding onto the idea of breeding her in later years (can you imagine kittens? furthermore, kittens with the fire of Ginger?!) so haven’t given in yet. Besides, aren’t we taking away some God-given female right for a cat to have a litter or two and learn to nurture? We fixed Liberty (I felt so guilty) and she somehow isn’t the same anymore. So in the meantime, she’s shedding like the dickens, flirting with everything in sight and crying to be let outside. Although she does go in and out of heat during the day and makes time to play hide and seek with me.

Tim and I are toying once again with the idea of moving closer to BYU. For fear of being sucked in by Provo and all it entails, we are considering Orem — clearly the lesser of two evils. When and where have still yet to be determined, though it’s difficult to detach from such a perfect space as we now have on our hands. In the meantime, we lounge in our new living room on our new couch with our new fireplace and enjoy every minute.

fractureOne last note — I highly recommend the movie Fracture with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. Easily the best movie I’ve seen all year! Perhaps even in the last six months. At a RedBox near you…


snow falling from a clear blue sky January 18, 2008

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If you have ever wanted to experience snow in abundance, I would recommend coming to Utah.  It has snowed nearly every day this week, often falling from a clear sky (explain that one to me!).  On Utah license plates it boasts “The Best Snow on Earth” — I guess you’ll have to try this one on for size by coming for a visit to Chateau Ward-Funk 🙂

In other news, Tim is officially back to school and loving it.  He is taking business at BYU and studying biology, history (75% of his class slept through the lesson yesterday),  accounting (you wouldn’t guess it, but it’s his favorite class!  the teacher sounds like a stand-up comedian… not something you’d expect from accounting), something else and drums.

Also, for the first time in our married lives, we have a couch!  And a living room to house it!  2008 is winding up to be a monumental year…


Basement Blues and Ginger’s Ingenuity January 10, 2008

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Sarah and GingerOver the last month and a half, our basement suite has been a work in progress with contractors coming and going, making lots of noise and eventually banishing us to our own corner of the house. As was the case with the painters! One morning both our bedroom and bathroom doors had been covered with plastic and we couldn’t get out! So we crawled out through our window and into the back yard to get to work. Fantastic, no?

With the framing, drywall, mudding and finally painting complete (you should see the gorgeous sage green on the walls!), it’s all downhill from here! Currently we have some fancy pressed cement being laid that will eventually look like stone. Then, the carpeters come and we will have a living room at last! We are anxious to finally own a couch.

In the meantime, Ginger has been trapped with us in our corner of the house while the workers and associated smells dissipate. A free spirit, she is always anxious to roam about, though we need to make sure she does her business in the right place as she has been known to leave deposits in unwelcome places… So! Our new rule is once she has used her litter box in the morning, she can roam freely. Some days it may take hours before she’ll get around to it. As was the case yesterday.

Ginger and I spent the day in our room, with her scrambling to escape every time we opened the door, to climbing to the top of the closet to lounging on the bed with me, while her litter box remained empty. We have been rather conscientious to not leave her in the bedroom alone as we have found unwanted deposits on our bed.

I ran out to pick up Tim (who has started back to school again, which is entirely its own post!) and got distracted by old episodes of 24 when we returned. When I went to get the laptop, I found she had left several unwelcome presents for us on Tim’s side of the bed. I was calling her in my angry voice as I cleaned up and subsequently called Tim to the scene. When we looked for her, she was nowhere to be found — not under the bed, in the shower, under the dressers or anywhere in the closet. Tim finally discovered that the 3″ the window had been opened was enough space for her to nudge the screen open and escape into the night.

Now Ginger is an indoor cat for many reasons. 1. Utah roadkill. ‘Nuff said. 2. She is not yet fixed (I dream of kittens though Tim would beg to differ). 3. Being in a developing area, there are wild coyotes that surely lurk in the night. Having had lost cat #1, Victor, to the mercy of a coyote, it will not happen again. 4. Liberty, cat #2, was wild and fun and entertaining… up until we let her become an outside cat. Now she lives at other people’s houses, sleeps all day and is relatively dry in comparison.

adventures-002.jpgLuckily, she didn’t go far and with the recent snowfall on the ground, all we would have had to do was follow her little paw prints. We found her in the back yard, huddled close to the house, still warm from being inside minutes ago. When we brought her back into our bedroom, she made a mad dash for the window. Since then, the window has been her newest fascination as her little feline mind tries to wrap itself around how it is done, now that she’s had a taste of freedom.


Happy New Year! January 9, 2008

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Tim and Sarah

Happy 2008!

What are we doing New Years Eve? Here we are taking pictures of ourselves before heading out the door to the Lafferty’s famed New Years party after playing games with the Funks. We returned later that evening to drink bubbly, count down to midnight and make lots of noise to ring in the new year 🙂

Jennie and Dave

Jon and Lauren


Paigecopy-of-dsc_0059.jpgTimJean pouring bubbly

New Years Smooch

And our customary kiss.

All the best for the year to come!