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Oh the Irony January 26, 2008

Filed under: Ginger,Sarah — Sarah @ 2:41 am

So here it is, Friday night, tee minus 2 days until my Relief Society lesson on priorities in our lives based on the “Good, Better, Best” talk from last General Conference — instead of lesson prep, I’m blogging. Cruel irony.

Today I got a hair cut at the Paul Mitchell School in Provo for $12. Can you imagine?! I saw some of the best hair cuts I’ve seen in a while on the stylists in that room – this is always a good sign! Aubrey did a great job, though my hair seems a wee bit short for my liking. Of course, that’s what a hair cut entails and ultimately it will grow. You know what I’m dying for? A red streak!

new hair cut

Funny Ginger story. Tim came home yesterday to find Ginger had gone #2 in her litter box and that she had covered it with toilet paper! She’s got a great sense of humor, that one.

Off to my lesson prep… wish me luck.


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