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Ginger’s Anniversary March 15, 2009

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Today is our second year anniversary with our feisty and fabulous calico Ginger!  When we announced the newest addition to our family, here’s how we did it:

Hello Loved Ones!
> We are well and enjoying ourselves in Utah. Being here in Utah,
> we got to thinking and we have decided to grow our family in a
> less traditional way — we are adopting! Isn’t it great?!
> Before you freak out, please know that we are adopting a kitten.
> We have been looking for sometime now and having exhausted other
> resources, google’d ‘Provo kitten’ on Saturday and came up with a
> craigslist link which led us to our lovely new kitten which we
> will pick up on Friday once she’s 6 weeks. The lady who is
> entrusting the kitten with us is also named Sarah, from Canada
> (Calgary) and her husband is working across the parking lot from
> Tim. Small world, isn’t it??
> Check out the photos!

ginger-little2the first day we met Ginger.
she had blue eyes.

little-gingershe was the runt of the litter.
look at that little tail!

ginger-march-15Ginger rode on my shoulder the whole way home

climbing-gingersince she was too small to jump, Ginger found a creative way to climb.
she learned Spiderman skills

ginger-guitar-2mesmerized by the guitar

ginger-computercatnapping on the warm computer 🙂

ginger-timshe used to spend lots of time perched like a parrot on our shoulders…
once I even cooked a whole meal with her looking on

and we have to save the best for last…


she used to play leap frog and get a running start from down the hall.

Do you have any fun pet stories you’d care to share?


Ginger October 12, 2008

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Yep. That’s Ginger on top of our shower curtain. And no, we didn’t put her up there. On any given morning, Ginger may jump up while we’re in the shower, presumably to drink straight from the shower head (which never happens). While she won’t drink water from her bowl, she will do this…

Ginger also enjoys perching on the mantle above the fireplace where she’ll sit like a taxidermied animal.

And my new favorite of the coolest Calico – FIERCE:


Ginger Speaks August 10, 2008

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Kitten Ginger is in heat and has lots to say. Check out this video of Jef and Ginger – she’ll make noises you’ve never heard before!  (when I watched this video, she was listening intently!)


Ginger Loves White Rabbit Candy March 8, 2008

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white-rabbit-candy.jpgAs kids, my mum used to get us these awesome White Rabbit Candies from the Fraser Street Chinatown district in Vancouver. If you’ve never had the pleasure, White Rabbit Candies are a “creamy, chewy, milk candy” according to (who actually SELLS them online!), and can still be found in Asian markets everywhere.
When our friend Diana came to visit us in Utah last spring, she brought a bag of these delectable treats for us from Vancouver. Tim and I both loved them, but someone we weren’t expecting to be a huge fan of them was kitten Ginger.

Months ago, I happened to find a rabbit candy left over somehow and began to eat it. Ginger comes over and starts sniffing around and starts to lick the candy sitting on my tongue! The picture is rather disturbing, so I won’t post it.
Tim just found another stray rabbit candy this morning. Of course, I opened it up and shared it with Ginger who eagerly began licking away at the milky candy. We wanted to share it with you… but the picture we took on Tim’s new Mac won’t load.  😦  Maybe next time.


I Have a Testimony of Craigslist… February 23, 2008

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Tim recently asked me to blog about him. In Tim’s world right now, he has decided BYU would be a much better experience with an MacBook and instead of dipping into our personal funds, he got creative.

butter drums

Tim is an avid drummer and though he only has two hands and two feet, felt the need to have two drum sets. The water blue kit is LOUD like thunder and the little butter yellow kit much more tolerable. He got to thinking, do I really need two drum sets? and made the decision to sell the butter kit. After listing it on Craigslist Saturday, he had a buyer in our living room by Monday, cash in hand on Wednesday night. What a turnaround! Having worked in a music store, STOCK doesn’t even fly off the shelves at that rate! It has been an emotional journey as well that Tim compared to selling a child. I thought it was probably more like selling a pet. After his recent success, Tim got to wondering what else he could sell and has posted an Alesis mixer he’s not using and has already gotten four offers in the last 24 hours.

When we were out for dinner with Chandra, Ted, Michelle and Terry last night, we were sharing our recent success with Craigslist. Terry has a boat he loves to take out on Utah Lake in the summer and after a moment of Michelle’s quiet contemplation, he says, “Don’t even think about it, honey!” to which Michelle responds, “The thought just crossed my mind!” We laughed that selling the boat would pay for two trips to Michelle’s beloved Hawaii! Ted is going to sell his kayak, so if anyone is on the market, check out their blog to the right in the blogroll and get in touch with them!

ginger attacks tim

This morning as I’m getting up, I hear Ginger the kitten scream upstairs, Tim yell, and thunderous footsteps coming down the stairs. Apparently Ginger had snuck upstairs to torment the Scully cat, a favorite past time, and when Tim had customarily come to collect her, she viscously attacked him — rather out of character for our fiesty kitten. To teach her a lesson, Ginger got a bath and Tim got more scratches. While pictures are below, please don’t let Ginger determine the next time you come over — she really isn’t a killer like you might think!

So you’re coming over tomorrow, right??


Ginger the Crazy Kitten December 31, 2007

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Ginger is our 10 month old calico that has spots and a personality as big as a house. Recently, as our basement has been being finished, she developed a new skill — jumping up into the 8 foot rafters by scaling the “trees”. Exhibit A —



What would life be like without Ginger?