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give love – 2.14.09 January 24, 2009

As you may know, I have a jewelry company called blue bijou that I design jewelry for.  blue bijou was established in 2007 and has since been featured on Studio 5, Good Things Utah and the TV show!  These have been tremendous experiences and this Sunday, our segment will reair.  And the details:

give-love-on-valentines-day1The show will re-air on Sunday, January 25th at 9:30am on ABC4 and Comcast on Demand.  In the event that you live outside of Utah and would love to tune in anyway, feel free to visit the website and watch it online!  Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support.

The co-owner of the show, Ryan Winterton, made us blush:

Blue Bijou was a HUGE hit with my
wife.  I told you how she isn’t a very
bling-bling type of girl, but she
absolutely loved the
necklace and ear
rings.  Thank you
very much!  And we will be enjoying
the vacation that came as a bonus
too.  Blue Bijou ROCKS (literally and

– Ryan Winterton,

While I’m plugging blue bijou, we’re running a special Valentines promotion for called give love.  With Valentines Day around the corner, show love by giving blue bijou on February 14th!  In honor of this celebration of love, blue bijou is discounting everything by 40%! (note the discount is taken off at the check-out)  Check out our Valentines Day ideas here!


A Brand New Year January 18, 2009

a-brand-new-year-wordsThis Wednesday, the youth in our stake had a huge joint activity where we all watched a broadcast from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City featuring Elder Jeffrey R. Holland & Elaine S. Dalton. The 2009 worldwide theme for the youth of the church is to be an example of the believers. The youth have been encouraged by the First Presidency of the church to do 3 things: read the Book of Mormon for five minutes every day, pray daily and to smile. At this same activity, each of us was assigned a page or two to read from the Book of Mormon. We all collectively read the entire Book or Mormon in seven minutes!  🙂  Beat that!

And the biggest shock this week – I was released from my calling in the Young Women’s presidency! In fact, our entire presidency was released. You know when you can feel it coming?  It’s still so strange and I feel somewhat directionless.  The girls are blessed to have an awesome prez coming in w/Kim, Mindi and Jamie.  We all had opportunities to bear our testimonies in Sacrament Meeting today and I’m so glad we did – I had really wanted to.  It’s been an absolute privilege to serve the amazing girls in our ward – I have needed them as much as they’ve needed me.  I really have thought twice about what type of example I’d be setting for them, so they’ve helped me be a better version of myself.  We really have had awesome memories together.  I love you, girls!!!

Okay, so what do you do with yourself once you’re released from a momentous dream calling?  Advice, please!

Photos by Alexei

Photos by Alexei



Twilight Sheet Music for Bella’s Lullaby January 10, 2009


No doubt Twilight fans remember the haunting scene where Edward plays Bella her lullaby on his grand piano.  Would you like to play the Bella’s Lullaby?   To download the free sheet music for Bella’s Lullaby, click here.

Unfortunately it’s missing the dynamics, so I made some notations of my own…

PS: Thanks Kristen for finding the music!


May 31, 2009 Update: To watch the official New Moon trailer that debuted at the MTV Movie Awards, click here!



Britney Spears Learns to Spell…sort of January 9, 2009


On her latest bestselling album, Circus, Britney Spears learns to spell… sort of.

In her song If You Seek Amy, the chorus goes,”All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to, if you seek amy”, or after you’ve heard it a couple times, it’s clearly intended to sound like, “F-%-@-* me”.

Believe it or not, despite the questionable lyrics, this rebound album leaves you glad Spears is back.  And whether or not you want to, it’ll make you want to dance.  You can listen to Circus on IMEEM.

That said, somehow I doubt Spears’ “spelling” will land her a gig on Sesame Street.  Can’t you see it now, “This episode has been brought to you by the letter F…”


when in doubt, give art January 7, 2009

This Christmas, there were several creative gifts that were given.  Instead of buying gifts, several of our extremely artistic family members made one of a kind gifts instead.

Since returning from his mission this year, my not so little brother Steven has been studying art at Langara College in Vancouver.  This is Ness, done specially for Tim.


sdc18274The X-ray painting.  Brilliant!  This is going to match perfectly in our living room!  Since it was too large for the carry-on, Stephanie is babysitting it for us.  Thanks, Steph.

sdc18190Like a kid at Christmas, Uncle Barry was thrilled with his Harvey Birdman compilation by Joseph.  It was ironic, since Uncle B gave Joe a Harry Birdman video game.  Wild!

sdc18194Joseph drew Charlie-moley – with the mole, since removed – and his bride to be.  Charlie lived with our family for two years as an exchange student.  On his scriptures is engraven Charlie Ward Shin.


sdc18193Saundra’s gift to us – impressive, isn’t it?

sdc18220Clean thoughts, everyone!  Nice work, Steven.


The one to the left is a painting or Rec Beach, Vancouver’s local nude beach.  The title: It’s too cold to be naked.  Yessssssss…


Mom loves her portrait of her and Dad by Joe.

When in doubt, give art.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.