Sarah + Tim

a canadian, american and calico living in perfect harmony

About Sarah + Tim December 31, 2007

a Canadian, American & Calico living in perfect harmony…


Photo by

Photo by

Sarah is an outspoken 20something Canadian/Asian who loves to model, design jewelry for blue bijou jewelry, dance flamenco and kick it old school on the weekends.  In her spare time, she enjoys networking at BNI, writing music & blogging for Sarah and Tim & Cable Car Couture.  Follow her on Twitter @sarahward.  

Tim, the American, is a student at BYU, majoring in information systems, with a knack for drumming, running and making Sarah weak at the knees.  He works at a sweet IT company with amazing people.  In his spare time, Tim masters the drums.

Ginger the fierce calico was born in Springville, Utah and is about as spicy as it gets for cats.  She has dark fur with intermittent spots and a huge personality.  Her favorite toys are the rings off milk jugs & Tim’s drum’s cymbal felts.  She also enjoys running down the hall being chased, but never caught, by Sarah.


3 Responses to “About Sarah + Tim”

  1. Jean Ward Says:

    Haven’t been much a fan of blogs but I loved yours. Great job!!!!I think I’m going to have to figure out how to make copies of it so that it’s in our permanent family records. Love it.

  2. Shirley Says:

    This is the first blog I’ve ever really looked at. Very impressed. Glad to hear everyone is doing well down there. Good luck in the new year!!!

  3. Angelia Says:

    Guys,,, u have a really nice blog,,, and I luv your Ginger,,,

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