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Portrait of Tim June 21, 2008

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A brilliant portrait of Tim by Justin Hackworth Photography


Birthday Adventures

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Talk about an awesome birthday! Wednesday night we had a little birthday celebration with Tim’s family, complete with homemade strawberry shortcake with fresh whip cream. The kids designed darling birthday cards, Jennie brought a huge thing of gingersnaps that will last till next June and Jean made a beautiful full size quilt! In blue, brown and cream, they’re the perfect colors and perfect warmth for summer.

Tim surprised me with breakfast in bed with a delicious shake, crepes and granola. I finished reading Princess Academy, lounged around, bought the new Alanis Morissette album (such beautiful heartbreak songs) and went for lunch with Denise.

Tim had surprise adventures planned for the rest of the day, so we loaded into the car and were off. As we’re on the 215, I figured out we were going to the zoo, much to my delight! Here are some highlights:

Here are our two favorite adventures at the zoo: there were two giraffes, one was eating, the other was nuzzling and smelling it. Well, the first one is doing his business and taking a pee and the other lowers his head and starts to drink as if from a fountain! Our dialog: “Wait. No way. What are you doing! Gross!!!” We laughed and laughed about it on the way.

The second: after the zoo was practically empty, we’re at the gorilla window and he actually comes right up to the window. Tim gets down on his knees to get a closer look at him and the gorilla, feeling challenged, lunges at the window and we both jump back. He pounds his fist against the window and we take off.

Tim totally had it all planned out. We went to an amazing Italian restaurant called Tuscany and sat on the garden patio – it was an amazing meal! Kudos to Tim for a perfectly orchestrated day – I love you!


He Got the Job!

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A BIG congratulations is due for Tim – he got the job!  We sort of figured after five (yes, five) interviews, he was a shoe-in…

Tim is currently running the Ragnar Relay this weekend, a race that spans 180 miles from Logan to Park City, UT.  He has been training for weeks and is racing at last.

Go Tim!


Happy Birthday, Stephanie! June 18, 2008

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Stephanie and I were born two days apart in June – she, on June 17, me on June 19. She was always the adorable, funny one. I used to communicate for her when she was younger: “Yes, Stephanie would like orange juice.” We often had joint birthday parties. After she got back from Prague a couple years ago, we had another joint party, just for kicks. She is now in San Francisco for the summer, taking California by storm with APX. She is so cultured, outspoken and sophisticated after a two year stint in Europe. Who knew – little Stephanie. Taking over the world.


Bust a Move June 16, 2008

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Jennie Brueck, Tim’s sister and my sister-in-law, was at girls camp last week and busted out some classic moves which were caught on camera by Candice Gibby. For your viewing pleasure:


Olivia Jade Hair Salon June 15, 2008

There is a new high-end salon called Olivia Jade Hair Salon that recently opened in Saratoga Springs. I went to get a cut and style on Friday and was very impressed! They’ve got a gorgeous black and white theme going on and use an all natural vegan hair line called PureOlogy. The conditioner feels minty and tingly on your scalp and the styling serum smells like sandalwood – incredible!

The owner, Jessica Newcomb, is young, fun and very health conscious so we got along famously. Jessica saved me from my bush-like winged hair cut and gave me a sleek, sophisticated A-line bob (pictures to come). We also had a fantastic conversation about why not to drink from bottles of water unless they’re polycarbonate — if the water heats above 70*F at any point, the plastic releases chemicals into your water. Yuck!

My visit to Olivia Jade Hair Salon was a great experience that I would highly recommend. To contact Olivia Jade, call 801-768-4552. They are located at 27 West Hillcrest Road in Saratoga Springs across the street from the car wash. June 14, 2008

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Since I’ve been getting really into flamenco again recently, I decided to register another blog – since I didn’t have enough already.  It’s   Since alma means “soul” in Spanish, it’s flamenco for the soul.  (Great shadow shot by Jennifer Wood – she’s so talented!)