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Ward Family Photos Slideshow August 23, 2009

Last week the entire Ward family descended on Utah and we had a fabulous time.  One of the definite highlights was our family photo shoot with Justin Hackworth Photography.  After you get a glimpse of some of these photos, you’ll definitely see why we highly recommend Justin.  He’s awesome to work with and produces unforgettable photos, no flash required.

On Tuesday, we picked Stephanie up from the airport and drove to downtown Provo to Justin’s studio for the first round of individual/couple pictures.  Then we piled in the car and Justin led us to this industrial park where we took the remainder of our photos.  It was perfect!  Here’s a sampling…










Aren’t they unbelievable?  If you can’t get enough, click here to see a slideshow of some of the best pictures from the photo shoot with Justin Hackworth.


I DID It! I applied for America’s Next Top Model March 10, 2009

Thank you for your incredible feedback and support about applying for America’s Next Top Model.  After much deliberation and conversation, I took the leap and applied!

It was an arduous process (story to come) which involved a subzero swimsuit photo shoot, plus filming the video application, plus a 15-page application/contract, not to mention the incredible effort of sending the package with Murphy’s Law and miracles interlaced between.

In the meantime, here are my submission photos. Kudos to the three incredible photographers that helped get these pictures ASAP for the application.

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Photo by Tuttle Photography

Photo by Tuttle Photography

Photo by Molto Bella Photography

Photo by Molto Bella Photography

I was SO close to submitting this one instead though, but realized it needed to be a full length swimsuit pic. Oh well, great one for the portfolio

Photo by Molto Bella Photography

Photo by Molto Bella Photography


Photos by Justin Hackworth Photography December 29, 2008

Here’s some great shots from Tim and I’s recent photo shoot with Justin Hackworth Photography.  We meandered downtown Provo and had a great time.  Justin was totally willing to work with our zany ideas (he appreciated that we wanted to take pictures at sushi instead of the usual orchard request).  Even tho the photos were taken a week into December, even got some shots back in time for Christmas.  Enjoy!



Family Photos December 7, 2008

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Tomorrow afternoon, Tim and I will have our family photos taken by Justin Hackworth Photography.  We are stoked!  It’s the first time since our wedding three years ago that we had our picture professionally (& officially) taken.  Unofficially, Tim snuck in on a few shots from a photo shoot Justin and I did in the spring, which is how this photo below came to be.

Lots has happened since 2005.  Lots of hair cuts.  Lots of change.  Lots of growth.  It’s about time!  Photos to come…



Short Hair is Sexy September 20, 2008

My photographer friend, Justin Hackworth, recently did a shoot for Metropolitan Salon in Provo.  Herein lies proof that short hair is sexy.

I’m a believer!


Portrait of Tim June 21, 2008

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A brilliant portrait of Tim by Justin Hackworth Photography


Justin Hackworth Photography June 6, 2008

I recently had the pleasure to sit for Justin Hackworth and have my portrait taken by him.  Justin knows how to utilize light beautifully.  Here are a couple he posted on his blog.  You can also see the whole shoot, including shots of Tim and I, here.