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Weekend Update May 28, 2008

With everyone getting out of town for the weekend, traffic on the I-15 freeway Friday afternoon was a parking lot. We foraged onwards anyways, because at the end of the yellow brick road was pictures at Justin Hackworth’s photography studio. We finally made it and had a great session, some of which included Tim as well! We are anxiously awaiting the final results.

(This just in – isn’t Justin amazing?! LOVE it!)

Sunday afternoon we drove up to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho with Collette and Tracy and his kids in his diesel Ford truck at 80 mph and enjoyed fantastic Thai food, wonderful company and incredible hot springs.  I was teased for being the Asian that couldn’t take the heat.  We had a scare when we got back to the motel and our bags were gone – apparently there had been a mix-up of rooms and for some reason they had taken our bags…? We were freaking out, but all is well.

And last but not least – now for my HUGE NEWS! I happened upon a flamenco guitarist here in Utah by the name of Gabriel Edgar. We are going to start collaborating on flamenco together. I’d venture to say he is the best flamenco guitarist in Utah and I am thrilled to begin working with him. (PS: on his site,, you can listen to his flamenco recordings)


upcoming portrait May 23, 2008

I’m totally excited. I’m going to get my portrait taken tomorrow by Justin Hackworth Photography! I know Justin through my BNI networking group and have to say, he has a great eye for weddings, families, photo shoots, portraits and scenery. I have been perusing through his blog this afternoon,, and here are some of my faves.


your favorite shops May 20, 2008

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Quick question: what are your favorite little places to shop for clothes? Where do you go to get your hair dolled up for a special occasion?

As you may know, our jewelry is at the Vie Maternity Boutique in Yaletown Vancouver and things have been going very well there – a big thank you to Henrietta for introducing us to Melissa and her lovely store.

We’d love to get in touch with darling boutiques and hair salons about blue bijou. If you have a contact for us, too, it would be fabulous! Please feel free to email your suggestions to us to

As a token of our appreciation, we will send a $25 blue bijou gift certificate to anyone with a suggestion for us!


Shade Clothing May 6, 2008

At lunch on Tuesdays I visit my Toastmasters group, Olympic Orators, in American Fork (Sidebar – today I won the best Tabletopic – where you are given a topic on the spot to talk about in front of everyone for 2 minutes! The topic? Public bathroom experiences. I know, amazing).

Today I found a parking spot half a block away in front of beautiful brick building with awesome foliage called Shade. On the way back, my curiosity got the best of me and I walked inside to see what it was.

Turns out Shade is a clothing company that specializes in modest and cute clothing – not always the same thing 🙂 They have some darling pieces! Here are some favorites:


So flipping cute! You can visit them online at Enjoy!


Our Vision: A World Without Breast Cancer

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a world without breast cancer

Join us in a race for the cure this Saturday, May 10th and make a world without breast cancer a reality by your generous donations. Visit our website to register to participate in the event or make a donation. We appreciate your support.

The 2008 Race for the Cure will take place at the Gateway Center in downtown Salt Lake City on Saturday, May 10th. For more details, visit the official website at


Harvesting Hope May 4, 2008

A few months ago, I was contacted by Michelle Wood from Ouelessebougou Utah Alliance about donating some blue bijou jewelry for their upcoming dinner auction in May. She also invited us to attend the dinner auction, which we graciously accepted. We were not expecting what we saw last night.

As stated on their website, “The Ouelessebougou Utah Alliance is a non-profit organization, which works cooperatively with villagers in Ouelessebougou and the surrounding region of Mali in West Africa.” Here’s some African trivia for you – Timbuktu is part of Mali! Who knew?

The dinner auction was held at the elegant Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City and there were hundreds of people in attendance. The donated items included photography services (I think we won the shoot with Silver Pelican Photography, one of my local favorites!), jewelry, art and sculptures, a Wii system and even a $5000 scooter! The rooms were teeming over with people bidding on their favorite items.

We watched a piece of African Butterfly Art (handcrafted with butterflies) start for auction at $600 and close out at a whopping $2200!

I was surprised at how far our donations go in Mali. $25 will pay for school supplies for 1695 students and $200 will send 26 students to school this year! Isn’t that incredible? A village chief said, “Before the school came, our village was in darkness, after the school came, we came into light.”

The dinner served was extraordinary – absolutely delicious! One of the slides that came across the screen as we ate said, “If you can read this, have shoes on your feet & can choose from 2 or 3 foods to eat, you are among the top 10% of the wealthiest people in the world.”  We are truly blessed.

The Ambassador of Mali was in attendance yesterday evening and we had the privilege to hear from him. We learned that in Mali, wealth is measured, not by money, but by hope. Thus the theme for the evening, Harvesting Hope.

What an incredible experience! We were inspired by the words we heard, by the abundance we forget we enjoy and the rewarding feeling that comes from giving. To make a contribution today or volunteer with the Oulessebougou Utah Alliance, click here.