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A Brand New Year January 18, 2009

a-brand-new-year-wordsThis Wednesday, the youth in our stake had a huge joint activity where we all watched a broadcast from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City featuring Elder Jeffrey R. Holland & Elaine S. Dalton. The 2009 worldwide theme for the youth of the church is to be an example of the believers. The youth have been encouraged by the First Presidency of the church to do 3 things: read the Book of Mormon for five minutes every day, pray daily and to smile. At this same activity, each of us was assigned a page or two to read from the Book of Mormon. We all collectively read the entire Book or Mormon in seven minutes!  🙂  Beat that!

And the biggest shock this week – I was released from my calling in the Young Women’s presidency! In fact, our entire presidency was released. You know when you can feel it coming?  It’s still so strange and I feel somewhat directionless.  The girls are blessed to have an awesome prez coming in w/Kim, Mindi and Jamie.  We all had opportunities to bear our testimonies in Sacrament Meeting today and I’m so glad we did – I had really wanted to.  It’s been an absolute privilege to serve the amazing girls in our ward – I have needed them as much as they’ve needed me.  I really have thought twice about what type of example I’d be setting for them, so they’ve helped me be a better version of myself.  We really have had awesome memories together.  I love you, girls!!!

Okay, so what do you do with yourself once you’re released from a momentous dream calling?  Advice, please!

Photos by Alexei

Photos by Alexei



New First Presidency February 5, 2008

While we all could see it coming that President Thomas S. Monson would assume President Hinckley’s responsibilities as 16th Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the fact that Elder Uchdorf was called as his Second Counselor was out of left field!

New First Presidency

I must say, in recent years it has been wonderful to see the Quorum of the Seventy include much more diversity than ever before with members from all over the globe. It’s exciting to see Elder Uchdorf, originally from Germany, the first ever member of the First Presidency not from North America (I stand corrected — John Taylor was born in England, not Canada as I had previously thought). Nonetheless, it is certainly becoming a worldwide church.