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“What a boring blog – where are the pictures?” January 20, 2008

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*sigh* In the midst of the moving furniture and belongings from room to room to escape the mudding and dust and painters, I have seem to misplaced the silly cord that transfers photos from the camera. I know! My blog is so BORING without photographs! Plus, our printer (Plan B for transferring photos) is on the fritz (stupid tempermental printer) so we’ll just all have to be satisfied with no pictures for the time being.
It’s Sunday afternoon and while I intended to watch a movie after playing hooky from Sunday School, I have been searching for ethnic food recipes (in particular butter chicken) and spent the last hour poring over Cassandra Barney’s fantastic blog (see blogroll). She has LOTS of pictures, documents her fun adventures with husband and kittens (as she likes to call her daughters) along with bearing her soul and amusing random thoughts. Yay! It’s so good to see more powerful, artistic women in Utah!

If you live in Utah Valley and are hankering for some good ethnic food, may I make a recommendation? Try Taste of Punjab at 1241 E. 8600 S. in Sandy and was recommended to us by our friend Tracy, who’s just as picky about food as I am! Good taste 🙂 It’s KILLER Indian food and makes me wonder why I didn’t get into it more while we were living in Vancouver, a stone’s throw away from Little India. 😦 While we were home for Christmas, we walked up to Fraser street and bought half a dozen samosas for less than $5!


Our cooning calico kitten, Ginger, is in heat — again. I am holding onto the idea of breeding her in later years (can you imagine kittens? furthermore, kittens with the fire of Ginger?!) so haven’t given in yet. Besides, aren’t we taking away some God-given female right for a cat to have a litter or two and learn to nurture? We fixed Liberty (I felt so guilty) and she somehow isn’t the same anymore. So in the meantime, she’s shedding like the dickens, flirting with everything in sight and crying to be let outside. Although she does go in and out of heat during the day and makes time to play hide and seek with me.

Tim and I are toying once again with the idea of moving closer to BYU. For fear of being sucked in by Provo and all it entails, we are considering Orem — clearly the lesser of two evils. When and where have still yet to be determined, though it’s difficult to detach from such a perfect space as we now have on our hands. In the meantime, we lounge in our new living room on our new couch with our new fireplace and enjoy every minute.

fractureOne last note — I highly recommend the movie Fracture with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. Easily the best movie I’ve seen all year! Perhaps even in the last six months. At a RedBox near you…


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