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Twilight Sheet Music for Bella’s Lullaby January 10, 2009


No doubt Twilight fans remember the haunting scene where Edward plays Bella her lullaby on his grand piano.  Would you like to play the Bella’s Lullaby?   To download the free sheet music for Bella’s Lullaby, click here.

Unfortunately it’s missing the dynamics, so I made some notations of my own…

PS: Thanks Kristen for finding the music!


May 31, 2009 Update: To watch the official New Moon trailer that debuted at the MTV Movie Awards, click here!



118 Responses to “Twilight Sheet Music for Bella’s Lullaby”

  1. Quincy Says:

    How excellent! I’m reading New Moon for the first time and was just thinking how much I would love to be able to play Bella’s Lullaby. Thank you so much for this-I’m sure you play it beautifully!

  2. Sarah & Tim Says:

    Thanks darling! It’s a very cool song – haunting – mysterious. Kind of like a vampire wrote it. Enjoy New Moon!

  3. Tonia Says:

    Thank you SO much for this… I was looking for it everywhere… That song haunts me since I first saw the movie in theatres. And now I can finally play it all day long, as much as I want… This is great! Thank you guys!

  4. Sarah & Tim Says:

    You’re totally welcome, Tonia! Thanks for the comment and enjoy the music!

  5. BlueScarletRose Says:

    Thank you so much for this. (sounds like i will only repeat what they all said but anyway thanks all the same). I searched google for a good site what will provide the music sheet but i only found it here.

    Indeed it is mysterious, a little dark but all the same very romantic. Imagine your Edward(not Edward in the story) would compose this for you and then plays it for you, only for you. Aww…. .>_<.

    Oh well enough of the daydream drooling… Thanks again for this wonderful contribution to every fanhearts needs. .^-^.v

  6. Lizzie Says:

    I love it thanks so much 🙂

  7. Sidney Says:

    um i dont know wat keys to play i know the notes but not where to start. HELP?

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      there’s online piano lessons… in fact, youtube might have a video of someone playing this twilight music where you can follow along and learn to play it without reading the sheet music.

      that and there’s always the old fashioned piano lessons 🙂 good luck!

  8. Milly Says:

    Thanks so much! I love this and i’ve always wanted to play it.

  9. Brooke Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 ❤ 🙂 ❤ Thank you so0o0o0o0o0 much!!! I am only 13 and just recently started taking Paino lessons…. so im going to get my paino teacher to play it for me because its a little to advanced for me at the moment!! 🙂 but i will keep working on it and learn it!!! Thank you soo much
    ~Team 3dward~

  10. Sarah & Tim Says:

    You’re welcome! So glad we’ve been able to share the music for you! Bella’s Lullaby really is a great piece. Good luck learning to play it!

  11. Stefanie Says:

    Thanks so much for this! It’s so wonderful when you can find a beautiful piece like this for free. I understand why people charge for sheet music, but a gem of a piece like this should be shared. I can’t wait to sit at my piano and play!


  12. buffy Says:

    Thanks a lot for posting this, I was going to figure it out myself, but this has made my job a lot easier. Since the Certificate of Merit test is over for me, I can play this in the summer 🙂

    Once again, thanks 😀

  13. Arielle Says:

    dear sarah and tim, i would really like to have this music, but i am searching everywhere and cant find it. do u mind telling me where to go? please answer back @ my email @

  14. -/\*Angelic Devil*/\- Says:

    I don’t know about yall, but i’m a major fan of Twilight. I could watch it over and over again!! Robert Pattinson…Drool…

    I would really appretiate it if i could get the sheet music for Edward’s Lullaby here… I can’t seem to find it anywhere… Bella’s Lullaby has a creepy tone to it… i Love it!!!

    Thanks alot guys!!!

    Much Love
    -/\*Angelic Devil*/\-

  15. Hello. I am the owner of If you are going to give this link out dont link directly to the download. Please change the link to the song page itself which can be found at:


  16. Mariam Says:

    Thank you very much for posting the sheet music for “Bella’s Lullaby”!! I’ve just watched the movie “Twilight” and think it’s an enchanting and wonderful film. I was surprised that the actor who plays ‘Edward’ in the movie was actually the one playing the music on the piano and was so envious I decided to try and learn the music myself! Thank you again for making my search a lot easier!!

  17. morganleigh Says:

    THANK YOU! you’re an absolute saint, i’ve spent hours looking for this! in morganspeak: you’re the bomb-diggity fo shiggity x]

  18. Shana Says:

    Hi Sarah
    I was looking for Twilight music, printed it, and practiced it today. Then I went back to the computer and realized it was you who sold us the piano! It is a small world….
    Thanks again for the music (and the pf1000)

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      Shana, what a small world!! That’s so wild, I remember you, the last time we spoke you were getting married and teaching! How are you? Hope everything is going well for you. Are you still on Vancouver Island? I moved with my husband to the states for school – life is good.

  19. rigel Says:

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! I’ve been looking for this EVERYWHERE!!!!!!. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. tisha Says:

    Thank you so much I have been looking for this song for three days and have to learn how to play it on the piano. this will really help a lot.

  21. Lynn Says:

    Thank you very much for the music for Bella’s Lullaby. I have just recently started to learn how to play the piano…at 55! Something I have always wanted to do. iT was the very beautiful, haunting score from Twilight that inspired me to finally do so.

  22. Rhonda Tallent Says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you might tell me where you found the sheet music the Bella’s Lullaby….My child is in Middle school and she takes strings class….She plays the violin…and the kids would like to find it to play at there last proformace of the year for the students but we are unable to find the sheet music…..If you would send me a e-mail….The kids would love you for it !!!…lol lol Thanks

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      Thanks for your comment. The music was found on They only provide the sheet music for piano but there are a couple options still available. Have you checked with your local music stores or large music online stores? You also may want to contact some local string players and see if you can contract someone to arrange it for strings. That will be more complex and perhaps costly as you try to find someone who can do this for you. Hopefully you can find an arrangement for strings already published. Since it is a piece that was composed for piano, it may be a challenge. Best of luck with these efforts!

  23. Tia Barbera Says:

    I can’t wait to start playing. Once I heard this lullaby I fell in love with the song. I have read all four books and seen the Twilight movie and I love knowing that soon I’ll be able to play Bella’s Lullaby. Thank You so much!!!

  24. Chelsea Allbritton Says:

    Thaks so much.

  25. aBbY_oWnZ_eMoS Says:

    Do you know where i can get this peice for flute?? i cannot find it newhere!!!!

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      You know, once it comes to specialized things like parts for other instruments, you have much fewer options. One thing you can try to do is download the piano music and try to modify it for flute (you’ll probably have to take the melody line up an octave). You can try your local music store to see if anyone has orchestrated the Twilight music. Or if you can try to find a local flutist to see if they’ll arrange the piece specifically for flute if you can find it nowhere else. Unfortunately this will take some time and effort, so it’s up to you to decide whether that will be worth it for you. Good luck!!!

  26. aBbY_oWnZ_eMoS Says:

    …free music sheets that i can print off the computer??!

  27. Kat Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have just spent the last hour and a half trying to find some nice person who would have uploaded this. Now to try and play it lol.

  28. Mr.fredi Says:

    Pleyse send me a shhet music twilight on my e-mail please please

  29. kirsty Says:

    thankyou so much. ive been looking for this music everywhere.. now i can finally learn it and play it 🙂
    its much more simpler to play than what i thought it was. thankyou thankyou thankyou.

    thankyou again.

  30. ellie Says:

    do you know where i can find this song for flute??
    ive been searching evrywhere!!

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      Hi Ellie, good question. Here was my response to another reader:
      You know, once it comes to specialized things like parts for other instruments, you have much fewer options. One thing you can try to do is download the piano music and try to modify it for flute (you’ll probably have to take the melody line up an octave). You can try your local music store to see if anyone has orchestrated the Twilight music. Or if you can try to find a local flutist to see if they’ll arrange the piece specifically for flute if you can find it nowhere else. Unfortunately this will take some time and effort, so it’s up to you to decide whether that will be worth it for you. Good luck!!!

  31. Madeleine Says:

    I love this beautiful song. I just watched the movie with my mom the other day and wanted to be able to play Bella’s lullaby on the piano. I’m so excited to start!

  32. Talia Says:

    OMG!!!!!! It was so beautiful. I knew from the moment i heard it i fell in love with it. Robert Pattison is the best piano player EVER!!!!!!!! I knew that when i heard it i wanted to play it. I am irrevocably in love with it. 🙂

  33. Talia Says:

    I am so in love with this i am writing again and again. Bella’s lullaby is one of the most, actualy the most SWEETEST and most BEAUTIFUL song in the world. He is so good that i want him to play it for me. I am so excited to start playing it. (l) (l) (l)

  34. Talia Says:

    When i first saw the movie and heard that song i fell in love with it constantly. I cant get it out of my head. I hope Robert Pattison can read this because it was the most SWEETEST song in the whole world. I LOVE IT!!!!

  35. Cecelia Says:

    As much as I dislike twilight, i cant help but like this song. Thank you

  36. Twinkle2s Says:

    I am so excited to find this song, very easily I might add.
    Iam going to practice it NOW! Thanks so much!

  37. i can’t believe that sum1 was smart and awsome enough 2 put this song n the internet!!! thank u, i am so going 2 start 2 play the piano and B’s lullaby. i have always liked the books the sec i read them, the movie since i watched it, and now i luve the lullaby! it’s like going in a dream or trance when u hear it and then u remember or imagine a really beautiful moment when u were with sum1 u really liked or still do and u wish that u had never had awakened from it. think that maybe u could live or re-live the moment 4-ever like so many others wish they could’ve. P.S Rob Pattinson looked so hot inn thte movie and if Kristen says no 2 him, i will and i’m only thirteen!!!and if u guys want me 2 write somemore about the topic i’d luve to.

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      You are so cute, Scarlett! Glad you’re enjoying the sheet music to Bella’s Lullaby. They’re great books, aren’t they? I’m with you, Rob Pattison was pretty hot in Twilight 🙂

  38. This is Scarlett’s cousin writing: they are great books and if u could get Tayler, Robert, or HOT DOC. Carlisle’s autographs or maybe get them to e-mail us then that would be awsome!Scarlett writing: Sorry Sarah and Tim, my cousin at first thought that with all the e-mails u guys got that u guys probably wouldn’t be able 2 e-mail me back, now that u guys have she’s getting pretty greedy right? O and thanks 4 writing me back + right now as i was e-mailing this 2 u, my cousin and me were actually playing on the piano we have at home and i think we have it right!!!

  39. Ruth Says:

    Thanks so much for finding this! I can’t wait to give it a try. But in the third measure, there are tenths in the left hand… is that really playable? eep!

  40. Talia Says:

    OMG!!!! Robert Pattinson played that song so well and by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT PATTINSON FOR THE 13 OF MAY!!!!!!!! I just watched it on you tube and then i started playing it. It is the best song in the whole wide world, and i wish that he played it for me. LOL!!!!! I am irrevocably in love with it. (p.s i absolutley LOVE EDWARD) Hope u guys can e-mail me back…………………………………

  41. Talia Says:

    I am in LOVE and i mean IN LOVE with Bella’s lullaby. My friend Lara and i were watching the movie and as soon as we heard it we went to my piano and started playing it together. We also learnt it on our flutes aswell. We are so in love with bella’s lullaby and edward…….

  42. Talia Says:

    OMG!!! That song is the best i love it so much i could type what i think of it ALL day. (which i would if i had the time) EDWARD is so HOT!!!!!! i am so glad the movie was made. And the books as well the were good too. i am on the fourth one now and i am totally in love with it. P.S EDWARD= HOT!!!!!!

  43. Talia Says:

    That song was so good that when u hear it u get taken into like a dream where UR in the meadow with edward. i wish that was true. AND…………………………. Now i can play it on the piano, the flute and the xzylophone(i think that is how you spell it ?????) that is just a little bit of proof of how in love with it i am.

  44. Talia Says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i havn’t stop playing bella’s lullaby. I am playing it CONSTANTLY!!! it is the BEST and i mean BEST song in the whole wide world. If only Rob could play it for me………………………………. I…………… LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! ROB IS SO HOT!!!!!

  45. Kaylee Says:

    i love this song. thanks for the music. i bought the soundtrack and listen to this song all the time. i would sit at my piano and play by ear. i got the first two measures and a couple of chords right! hehe! now i know what to play!

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      You’re welcome, Kaylee. It’s definitely a challenging melody to figure out by ear, so I was glad to happen upon the sheet music for it, too! Enjoy 🙂

  46. emmi Says:

    Hello! I am a girl, in finland. I don’t speak very good english so try to understand me . Can you take a better pictures on the song and send it to me to my e-mail. My e-mail is :

    Waiting to your answear.


  47. Symphony Says:

    Thank you so much, this is [awesome] to have!

  48. kailey Says:

    OMG!!!!!! I have been begging my parents to buy it for me and now i don’t have to! u r the best people in the world!!! Everybody i know tells me that i am really skilled! now all i will ever play is bella’s lullaby!!!LOL!

  49. Alissa Says:

    wow! thanks so much…i have been searching for this song for a while, and i just thought about looking it up again. all of the other ones i found weren’t the correct one. so thanks!

  50. kielty Says:

    well i have fallen in love with edward and i can not stop thinkin about him OMG hw is so hot

  51. kate Says:

    hey, what grade would you have 2 b to play this? i probably can just want to check

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      To play the Twilight song, probably about grade 4 or grade 5. With enough practice though, most diligent and committed people could learn how to play it.


    Do u have bella’s lullaby notes for the violin??? plz?? can u pls get the notes??

  53. Isabella Says:

    Hi Sarah and Tim, first let me say thank you so much for sharing this, I love this song. Please don’t think me rude for saying this but I believe the 1st brace on the 2nd page is missing some notes. In listening and playing this song, this is where the double notes should start. Can you please help?
    Thanks =)

  54. amanda Says:



  55. EmilyBaby11 Says:

    YAYAYAYY! I have searched everywhere for this piece. And all i have been able to find is the Yiruma River Flows in You piece.
    thank you!!!!!!!

  56. Ashtyn Says:

    ThankYou So Much! This song is so amazing and i would really love to play it. I am going to work very hard. I play the flute so i will learn on the flute first and then i am going to work on getting it right on the piano! Thank YOU!!!

  57. gabby Says:

    omg! i finally get to play this! im only 12 and ugh i juust played it i love it THANKS

  58. Lora Says:

    Thank you so much!! i have looked for this music everywhere!!!!

  59. svetlana Says:

    thanx love it

  60. Osman Says:

    I’m a begineer but I would really like to impress my friends by playing this piece on the piano could someone translate music sheet into alphabet notes.

  61. Matt Says:

    thanks for the sheet music! can you scan and post the version with dynamics, as I see that the links don’t contain the dynamics.

  62. sarah Says:

    thanx so much! iv been searching everywhere and i finally found the real thing! thanx again!!!!

  63. shilah Says:

    thank you soo much!!!! i love twilight.. iv been looking all over for this song.. thank you thank you thank you!!!! hehe (:

  64. shilah Says:

    hey whoever ashtyn is.. im a flute player too (: glad im not the only one =D

  65. Melina Mousso Says:

    OMG!!! Thanks a million!! I have spent hours trying to find it and here it is! Thanks soooo much!

  66. Regina Says:

    Thank you – thank you – thank you!!! I was so excited to see the actual piece! For it to sound just like that haunting lullaby – I’m thrilled!! I can’t stop playing it.

  67. kirsten Says:

    Hey! thank you very much for posting this song. i’ve searched for it all around the internet, but never found a decent one. This one really sounds like bella’s lullaby in the movie 🙂
    Thank you!

    Greetings, from holland!

  68. I have began reading Twilight for the very first time. It is very delightful! I want the free flute sheet music because I am first chair. I would be very thankful if you gave this to me.

    Thank You! And God Bless!
    Savannah, Age 11

  69. Nana Says:

    omg ive been lookin for this song.
    finally u guys r the one to the rescue.
    thanx soooooooooooooooooo much.
    -team edward/jacob

  70. Bernadette Says:

    Thank you so much for posting Bella’s Lullaby sheet music. I’m learning to play it. I absolutely love it. It takes me right into the movie all over again. It is hauntingly beautiful. Do you know if there are Lyrics for the Music? I think that would be so romantic.

  71. mary Says:

    OMG!!! Twilight is my favorite series and my friend just recentaly gave me the music Bella’s Lullaby and I have really wanted to figure out how to play it myself!!!! now I can! thank you!

  72. Anne Says:

    Hey! Oh my god! I’ve been looking for this since forever! I love you guys so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  73. Nia Says:

    I was wondering if this song could be played on the flute? I love the song in general, but sadly I don’t play piano 😦 SOS

  74. Nia Says:

    Can someone tell me if this song is on the flute anywhere? I love the song itself, but sadly I don’t play piano. 😦 SOS

  75. Kissa Says:

    I am looking wanting to learn to play The Meadow by Alexandre Desplat. I don’t play piano very much, I used to just learned to play a song by ear. Still know a simple version of the Entertainer.

  76. Tamoli Says:

    Bella’s Lullaby is quite haunting, but i really enjoy the tune.

  77. may Says:

    Hey do you got the note of it in violin ?
    please if so contact my email ,
    thanks byee

  78. Allyssa Says:

    Is there any chance that this could be transposed into sheet music for the flute because I can’t play the piano. If you would let me know that would be great!


    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      It’s quite possible, you’d want to connect with someone who is proficient with the flute to see if they can help you with the transposition. That said, you could always try simply playing the melody line (top note), perhaps an octave higher.

      Good luck!

  79. some1 Says:

    omg tks sooooooo much i spent hours looking 4 the sheet music and now i finaly have it and its not blurry eather! u rock!

  80. jonathan Says:

    Thanx so much, I browsed the internet for the sheet music but couldn’t find anything. Ur site helped me so much. THANX!!!

  81. i love new moon i love Edward too new moon is sooo sweet and sad i love vampires!!! i have loved vampires seance i was 7 i love twilight and new moon cant wait until eclipses and braking dawn i herd both are really good i love them i think all of them are good i just love new moon and Edward and Bella…………and Rosalie!! i just love it i am so obsessed i am the #1 super super fan of Twilight saga i love it….. ttyl bye-bye!!……….i love it 🙂

  82. twilight fan Says:

    I play the flute and i would like to play it:)

  83. twilight fan Says:

    it would be awesome to play 🙂

  84. sophie Says:

    omg………………. i am so grateful for this…… are the nicest person in the world……..thank you so so so so so so so much!!!!!! thank you!!!! i hope you ahve a blessed life!!!!!!

  85. aimilie Says:

    thanks SO much. I love it. Ever since I heard it I wanted to play it, I dontt play piano, but i play flute so I only play the treble clef line. THanks heaps.

  86. Meia Says:

    Now i must practice, because i took 1 year piano lessons, but I’ve stopped.
    I going to take lessons again, and now I’m practicing this beautiful song 🙂

    Greets from the Netherlands (i’m 13, so my Engslish is bad 😉

  87. shakageek Says:

    Does the pdf file contain your notation corrections like dynamics? I need this for my piano class, but the teacher won’t accept it if it has no dynamic!!!

  88. april bloch Says:

    i love the piano music from twilight and new moon i love the movies too but i wasnt all impressed by the books.they are good and all but it didnt grab my attention like vampire academy or the evermore sereise does. those books are so amazing and i hope they will be shared for generations to come. i wish the best for twighlight but i perfer the others better. but who ever made the lovley music has truley won my honor and apretiation i love it and am trying to learn it. these are true artists of the music world 🙂 and i just love it maybe one day i could be as good as them but god only knows lol piano music is amazing and wounderful and to hear these music pieces just warm my body from head to toe with a powerful sensation that can only truly be grasped by those who understand and apretiate the fact that love pain and the world was put into these peices of art. and i thank you for that so much i love your music 🙂

  89. Avery Bain Says:

    Do you know where I can find Bella’s Lullaby for the violin?


  90. Amber Scobie Says:

    Thankyou so much, it’s such a lovely piece of music – Now i want to watch the movie again!!!

  91. ashley Says:

    i was wondering where you might find the strings for accustic guitar bella lullaby, if u know please email me at thx bye:)

  92. Courtney Says:

    What is the timing on this song? I don’t see anything of the sort…

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