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Keane Concert with Mat Kearney May 30, 2009

For Tim’s birthday, I treated him with tickets to the Keane concert!  I bought the tickets the moment they went on sale and we got terrific seats.  It was an AMAZING show!  Mat Kearney, whose new song Closer to Love is on the radio right now, opened for them and was really good — just good, chill music that’s easy to listen to.  On Mat Kearney’s tour blog, they said of the show, “The show tonight was the best one yet.  Mat and the band sounded amazing.”  Here’s some pictures and video we took of the show in case you missed it.

Mat Kearney opening:



I wanted to crop this man’s head… but I don’t have a cropping machine.

I was amazed at how theatrical Keane was in their performance style.  The singer, Tom, used his arms a lot — exhibit A!  And have you ever seen a keyboardist headbang?  Well theirs did!  And didn’t miss a note, amazingly!  They were absolutely amazing.  Kept us on our feet the entire time.


Here’s a video clip of Try Again:





If you aren’t familiar with either Mat Kearney or Keane, do yourself a favor and get acquainted!  It’s excellent happy music.  You’ll be happy you did.

All photos by Sarah.


View From the Top April 9, 2009

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The view from the top of the Y!  We’re standing in the middle of the Y here and did not touch it for fear of rolling down the mountain!  Today for Scott’s birthday, we hiked up the Y in Provo – Kristen, Alex and I – without passing out… barely.  And we did it in just 32 minutes…well, on the way down anyway 🙂  The altitude and acclimitization is what totally kills ya.

Here’s another gorgeous cell phone picture for you to enjoy the view – without the sacrifice!  Where do you go to get away?



General Conference October 5, 2008

The first weekend in October, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints all over the world gather to hear the words of the General Authorities of the church, living prophets and apostles, at General Conference. Conference is held at the magnificent Conference Center on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah and brings people from far and wide to worship – a Mormon Mecca of sorts.

If you’d like a breath of fresh air and much needed perspective with all that’s going on in the world, you’re welcome to watch Conference online at So far we have been spiritually nourished by messages of Christ, gratitude, living now, unity, faith and encouragement. Transcripts will be available next week at


Olivia Jade Hair Salon June 15, 2008

There is a new high-end salon called Olivia Jade Hair Salon that recently opened in Saratoga Springs. I went to get a cut and style on Friday and was very impressed! They’ve got a gorgeous black and white theme going on and use an all natural vegan hair line called PureOlogy. The conditioner feels minty and tingly on your scalp and the styling serum smells like sandalwood – incredible!

The owner, Jessica Newcomb, is young, fun and very health conscious so we got along famously. Jessica saved me from my bush-like winged hair cut and gave me a sleek, sophisticated A-line bob (pictures to come). We also had a fantastic conversation about why not to drink from bottles of water unless they’re polycarbonate — if the water heats above 70*F at any point, the plastic releases chemicals into your water. Yuck!

My visit to Olivia Jade Hair Salon was a great experience that I would highly recommend. To contact Olivia Jade, call 801-768-4552. They are located at 27 West Hillcrest Road in Saratoga Springs across the street from the car wash.


Justin Hackworth Photography June 6, 2008

I recently had the pleasure to sit for Justin Hackworth and have my portrait taken by him.  Justin knows how to utilize light beautifully.  Here are a couple he posted on his blog.  You can also see the whole shoot, including shots of Tim and I, here.


Weekend Update May 28, 2008

With everyone getting out of town for the weekend, traffic on the I-15 freeway Friday afternoon was a parking lot. We foraged onwards anyways, because at the end of the yellow brick road was pictures at Justin Hackworth’s photography studio. We finally made it and had a great session, some of which included Tim as well! We are anxiously awaiting the final results.

(This just in – isn’t Justin amazing?! LOVE it!)

Sunday afternoon we drove up to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho with Collette and Tracy and his kids in his diesel Ford truck at 80 mph and enjoyed fantastic Thai food, wonderful company and incredible hot springs.  I was teased for being the Asian that couldn’t take the heat.  We had a scare when we got back to the motel and our bags were gone – apparently there had been a mix-up of rooms and for some reason they had taken our bags…? We were freaking out, but all is well.

And last but not least – now for my HUGE NEWS! I happened upon a flamenco guitarist here in Utah by the name of Gabriel Edgar. We are going to start collaborating on flamenco together. I’d venture to say he is the best flamenco guitarist in Utah and I am thrilled to begin working with him. (PS: on his site,, you can listen to his flamenco recordings)


Harvesting Hope May 4, 2008

A few months ago, I was contacted by Michelle Wood from Ouelessebougou Utah Alliance about donating some blue bijou jewelry for their upcoming dinner auction in May. She also invited us to attend the dinner auction, which we graciously accepted. We were not expecting what we saw last night.

As stated on their website, “The Ouelessebougou Utah Alliance is a non-profit organization, which works cooperatively with villagers in Ouelessebougou and the surrounding region of Mali in West Africa.” Here’s some African trivia for you – Timbuktu is part of Mali! Who knew?

The dinner auction was held at the elegant Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City and there were hundreds of people in attendance. The donated items included photography services (I think we won the shoot with Silver Pelican Photography, one of my local favorites!), jewelry, art and sculptures, a Wii system and even a $5000 scooter! The rooms were teeming over with people bidding on their favorite items.

We watched a piece of African Butterfly Art (handcrafted with butterflies) start for auction at $600 and close out at a whopping $2200!

I was surprised at how far our donations go in Mali. $25 will pay for school supplies for 1695 students and $200 will send 26 students to school this year! Isn’t that incredible? A village chief said, “Before the school came, our village was in darkness, after the school came, we came into light.”

The dinner served was extraordinary – absolutely delicious! One of the slides that came across the screen as we ate said, “If you can read this, have shoes on your feet & can choose from 2 or 3 foods to eat, you are among the top 10% of the wealthiest people in the world.”  We are truly blessed.

The Ambassador of Mali was in attendance yesterday evening and we had the privilege to hear from him. We learned that in Mali, wealth is measured, not by money, but by hope. Thus the theme for the evening, Harvesting Hope.

What an incredible experience! We were inspired by the words we heard, by the abundance we forget we enjoy and the rewarding feeling that comes from giving. To make a contribution today or volunteer with the Oulessebougou Utah Alliance, click here.