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Coke Commercial for the 2010 Olympics February 14, 2010

During the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Opening Ceremonies, they aired this fantastic Coke Commercial.


Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies February 13, 2010

Vancouver Olympics 2010 - Opening Ceremonies photo c/o

Wow.  Did you catch the Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics?  They were absolutely stunning.

I thought nothing could top China’s opening ceremonies. Never occurred to me that a simple celebration of humanity would. – @kristysf

The ceremony had a lot of heart.  Despite the tragic loss of Georgian luge athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili during a warm-up, the Georgia National Team decided to go ahead and participate in the Games and dedicate their performance to him.

Parade of Nations: Team Georgia photo c/o

The Opening Ceremonies were a complete visual masterpiece.  Every person in BC Place Stadium had a white sheath that they wore over their clothes, enabling them to become part of a huge canvas and become a part of the artistry of the evening.

Mountain rendering with skiiers and snowboarders harnessed and tumbling through the air. Photo c/o

simply put the Vancouver ceremony = technical masterpiece. Canada is amazing – @maxkay777

Canadian stagecraft is BLOWING MY MIND. @Weave

John Furlong, the CEO of the organizing Vancouver Olympic planning committee, had some very touching things to say in his speech in the Opening Ceremonies.  Excerpts from his moving speech are below:

With Jack Poole and Nodar Kumaritashvili in our hearts – and standing on the shoulders of every Canadian – I commit that the men and women of Vancouver 2010 — our partners and our friends — are ready to deliver the performance of a life time.

You compete with such bravery, conviction and pride. At these Games you now have the added burden to shine and be united around your fallen colleague Nodar. May you carry his Olympic dream on your shoulders and compete with his spirit in your hearts.

Many thousands have made tonight and the days ahead possible — But the spirit and soul of all 33 million Canadians has been sewn into the fabric of these Winter Olympic Games.

The Olympic flame has touched many millions and prompted spontaneous, peaceful celebration –

Reminding us all that those values that unite and inspire the best in us — we must never abandon.

As the Olympic Cauldron is lit – the unique magic of the Olympic Games will be released upon us.

Magic so rare that it cannot be controlled by borders –

The kind of magic that invades the human heart touching people of all cultures and beliefs –

Magic that calls for the best that human beings have to offer –

Magic that causes the athletes of the world to soar — and the rest of us to dream.

From whatever continent you have come we welcome you to Canada — a country with a Generous Heart.

We love that you are here. You are among good friends.

Through our example tonight and over the 16 days to come our children will begin to dream and believe in what is possible.

Lives of great significance begin with a spark – a nudge – a gesture.

Together let us touch as many as we can — while we can.

As the 21st Olympic Winter Games – Canada’s Games begins — it is with Glowing Hearts – Des Plus Brilliants Exploits…..That we wish you all the Time of your Lives.

The Olympic Torch. Photo c/o

After traveling over 32,000 miles across Canada, the Olympic torch was lit in a non-traditional way with not just one, but four prolific Olympic athletes lighting the torch together, including “The Great One”, legendary hockey player and four-time Stanley Cup Winner, Wayne Gretzsky. What a unique display of Canadian teamsmanship.

What was the most memorable part of the Opening Ceremonies for you?