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Twilight Saga: New Moon Premiere November 19, 2009 July 25, 2009

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Be the first to see New Moon in November!  We are having an Advanced showing PARTY!, reserved seating, prize drawings and fun photo ops!

New Moon Premiere - November 19, 2009

Here are the details:

  • Thursday, November 19, 2009
  • 7:00 – 10:00pm
  • The District in South Jordan, Utah
  • 11400 S. Bangerter Hwy, South Jordan, UT
  • 801-718-4349

Seats are first come first served once payment is recieved. Payment due by Aug. 1st 2009. Showtime will be no earlier than 7pm and no later than 9pm, Megaplex will assign exact time in the fall.  Imagine, then you would have time to catch it again with all the Midnighters if you want!

Send an email to to request tickets. $15 per person.  For other info and updates visit:

If you have reserved seats and payment is not received by Aug 1st, the seats will be released.
**This event is expected to sell out, if extra people show up with your party they will be turned away, NO exceptions.  All seats are assigned and we need you to stick to the seat number on the ticket.  The film will be stopped if these requirements are not met, and will restart once everyone is in the correct seats.  Please be respectful of others.

A big thank you to Celeste Casey for arranging this incredible event!

Note: If you gals would like to go together, let me know and we can book our seats together!


Official “New Moon” Trailer May 31, 2009


Tonight at the MTV Movie Awards, the official trailer for the upcoming “New Moon” trailer was released.  Watch it here:

What do you think?


Save the Ta Tas – Race for the Cure April 29, 2009


Saturday, May 9th marks the 13th annual Race for the Cure in Salt Lake City, UT!  I participated in the race last year and had a blast with the girls in the name of a terrific cause.  Wouldn’t it be fun to get a bunch of girlfriends together and walk for the cure?

The details:

Let me know if you’re interested, we could carpool or meet up together and have a grand old time!


Stephenie Meyer is Following Me on Twitter! April 24, 2009

twilight-by-stephenie-meyerI admit.  I’m a grown, married woman who loves Edward Cullen.  Though I adamantly resisted the Twilight lure as long as I could, after seeing Twilight opening day, I could resist no longer.  It didn’t take long before I was hooked.  In a matter of weeks, I read through the entire Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.  She has an incredible way of captivating her readers, young and otherwise, and keep us wanting more.  I’m still looking for a series that will enthrall me the way Twilight did.

So it was an absolute thrill when @Stephenie_Meyer began following me on Twitter today!  Of course, I followed her first for follow Friday, but still!  How cool is that!

So girls, if you’re on Twitter, be sure to look her up!  And if you’re not, get on Twitter!  (Sidebar: Some of you may be wondering, what is Twitter?  It’s a lot like a Facebook status update where you answer the question, “What are you doing?” and subsequently interact with others)  You’ll be surprised to note the number of followers: 910 Following 802 Followers That’s all!  She really makes an effort to interact with your fans.

Alright, class!  That’s your homework.  Follow @Stephenie_Meyer, the mind behind it all.  


Twilight Filming Wraps in Vancouver April 22, 2009

The new Twilight film, New Moon, has been filming in Vancouver, Canada, my hometown!  My little sister Saundra even saw them filming at her school while it was in session.  How cool is that?

Update: My cousin Miranda who runs Style by Fire actually bumped into Robert Pattison at a fashion show and he wished her happy birthday!  Lucky, lucky girl 🙂

Here’s some fun Edward and Bella eye candy care of Bauer Griffin Online. They have some great photos of the Twilight cast in and around town — check it out!


Might I also recommend  She has some incredible photos and seems to know exactly what is going on with the Twilight cast in Vancouver.


welcome to our blog! April 20, 2009

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Thanks for visiting our blog, hope you enjoy yourself!  Sit back, relax, comment as you see fit.  You may also enjoy…

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View From the Top April 9, 2009

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The view from the top of the Y!  We’re standing in the middle of the Y here and did not touch it for fear of rolling down the mountain!  Today for Scott’s birthday, we hiked up the Y in Provo – Kristen, Alex and I – without passing out… barely.  And we did it in just 32 minutes…well, on the way down anyway 🙂  The altitude and acclimitization is what totally kills ya.

Here’s another gorgeous cell phone picture for you to enjoy the view – without the sacrifice!  Where do you go to get away?