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Identity Theft Crisis Averted December 29, 2008

I’m sure we all know someone who’s been a victim of identity theft, but it would never happen to us, right?  One of the craziest stories I’ve heard is the woman who got a bill for a $40,000 foot amputation who still had both feet intact.  According to Readers Digest, with the rising cost of medical insurance, medical identity theft is a hot commodity.  So far, one third of the US population has been affected by identity theft.  This month, it happened to me.

itunesWe received a call one Sunday morning recently saying there has been a series of charges from iTunes on our American Express for the last several months, totally nearly $300!  I was wondering how the balance on a card I never used crept up so high…  Since I had changed over to paperless billing (bad idea), I never caught it.  I disputed the charges and since it was within the 90 day grace period, the money will be reimbursed on my next statement.  Phew!

Thankfully, I felt a lot better knowing that we have incredible identity theft restoration services through Pre-Paid Legal Services and Kroll.  Through the Identity Theft Shield, if our identity is ever compromised, instead of fixing it yourself, they take the wheel and put our identity back together again.  If this issue with iTunes hadn’t been solved so easily, this would have been our next offense.

So be wise!  In order to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, be sure to keep an eye on your statements, shred and avoid purchasing online from unfamiliar websites.  Since our information is in many databases (school records, past jobs, government agencies) that can’t be avoided, it is smart to research and invest in identity theft restoration services to have the professionals watch your back, too.  Spread the word!

On a lighter note…  In the words of Dwight K. Shrute, identity theft is no laughing matter.  Except sometimes.


Thanks, Tina!


Oklahoma City Convention 2008 March 18, 2008

Tuesday, some friends and I hit the road and drove from Park City across Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas to Oklahoma for the annual Pre-Paid Legal Oklahoma City Convention 2008. What a weekend! We were mentored by an Attorney General, State Senator, Insurance Commissioner, the Governor of Oklahoma, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, and countless millionaires. How was your weekend?


Another guest speaker at the Oklahoma City Convention was Michael McCoy, author of the book, “What You Need to Know About Identity Theft”. He teaches national classes on identity theft and is a researcher at Iowa State University, recently receiving his third grant with Homeland Security. In comparing the different credit monitoring products on the marketplace, he meted Pre-Paid Legal up against Lifelock, Equifax Credit Watch Gold and State Auto Insurance — PPL came out on top. McCoy says there’s only one leader in the industry that will not only monitor your five areas of identity daily (financial – surprisingly only 27% of the problem, drivers license ID, social security ID, character and criminal ID, and fastest growing area, medical ID), but get to work to put your identity back together again. For more information on how to protect your good name, visit

I also had the pleasure of meeting Dave Savula, the top money earner in the company, at a banquet Friday night!


We are starting a national expansion of our company, so if you know anyone who may be interested in generating some additional income from the comfort of their home, visit to watch a 15 minute overview to see if it’s a match for them.

In closing, a shot of the windmills providing clean energy in Wyoming.