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Stephenie Meyer is Following Me on Twitter! April 24, 2009

twilight-by-stephenie-meyerI admit.  I’m a grown, married woman who loves Edward Cullen.  Though I adamantly resisted the Twilight lure as long as I could, after seeing Twilight opening day, I could resist no longer.  It didn’t take long before I was hooked.  In a matter of weeks, I read through the entire Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.  She has an incredible way of captivating her readers, young and otherwise, and keep us wanting more.  I’m still looking for a series that will enthrall me the way Twilight did.

So it was an absolute thrill when @Stephenie_Meyer began following me on Twitter today!  Of course, I followed her first for follow Friday, but still!  How cool is that!

So girls, if you’re on Twitter, be sure to look her up!  And if you’re not, get on Twitter!  (Sidebar: Some of you may be wondering, what is Twitter?  It’s a lot like a Facebook status update where you answer the question, “What are you doing?” and subsequently interact with others)  You’ll be surprised to note the number of followers: 910 Following 802 Followers That’s all!  She really makes an effort to interact with your fans.

Alright, class!  That’s your homework.  Follow @Stephenie_Meyer, the mind behind it all.  


7 Responses to “Stephenie Meyer is Following Me on Twitter!”

  1. Laura Says:

    Stephenie Meyer does not have a Twitter you are being duped. Look at her official site where she says this.

  2. Adhis Says:

    Hey, if Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore let people follow them on Twitter, why wouldn’t a “small” celebrity allow it?

  3. Adhis Says:

    You linked to this:

    The impostor linked in this article:

    …is this Twitter account:

    Hope that’s helpful.

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      Nancy Drew, you rock! Thanks for your wicked detective work here 🙂 What a funny website by the Twilight Guy!

      It’s amazing how many MORE folks the impostor has following her…

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      I was just corrected by Stephenie Meyer that both of these Twitter accounts are legitimately hers:

      actually, they are both the real me, but i do not use the old one anymore, the other one with like 3 comments is mine

      I stand corrected!

  4. Cori Says:

    Stephenie actually DOES have a twitter. It’s KalebNation or At a website it said she was sharing a Twitter with the guy there.

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