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That Took Guts, Miss California April 20, 2009

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You may have heard about the ruckus that Miss California, Carrie Prejean, stirred up in the Miss USA pageant this weekend.  When asked by Miss USA judge Perez Hilton about her stance on gay marriage, Prejean replied, “In my country, and in my family, I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman.”  Perez Hilton’s response?  “…she gave the worst answer in pageant history.”  Miss California was the first Miss USA contestant to ever be booed during the question-and-answer period.

Though Miss North Carolina, Kristen Dalton, won Miss USA, first runner up Miss California has gotten far more media coverage because her controversial answer.  Even so, Prejean feels like it cost her the crown.

That took guts, Miss California, to stay true to your beliefs and say the unpopular thing in a nationwide competition.  I applaud your courage.


18 Responses to “That Took Guts, Miss California”

  1. Chaucee Says:

    I agree with you. I’m glad she stood up for what she believed in. People who support gay marriage are also standing up for what they believe in. Those in support could at least grant Miss California the same respect she gives them when they profess their stance.

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      Absolutely, Chaucee – Miss California deserves respect. I truly think gay people live with an incredible amount of courage.

      Really, I think she made a bigger splash and was more newsworthy with this comment than if she had won!

    • Kevin Says:

      I totally agree, sense when did we as Americans have to start asking for permission to express a belief?

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Coming from a person that ‘represents’ California I can’t help but cringe… Rather than applauding or condeming her repsonse, I feel that such a question never should have been asked in the first place. It is simply too loaded and amounts to a deep moral or ethical conviction that shouldn’t be teased out of someone for this type of competition.

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      Good call, Jeremy. Perez Hilton is notorious for stirring the pot. I echo your sentiments. Should this subject matter have its place in a beauty competition?

  3. pashley1916 Says:

    She became a hero to me as well!

  4. Chaucee Says:

    I like your point Jeremy!

  5. Adhis Says:

    Why did they even ask this question if is wasn’t acceptable to have more than one possible answer for it?

  6. Josh Says:

    Okay, so yeah, it took guts but what about gay people like myself who (BTW) take this type of comment as a slap in the face? Shouldn’t Miss America be able to proudly represent EVERYONE in our country (isn’t that the point)?

    Y’all may be proud of her and think she is a “hero” but please remember there are millions of us who were VERY MUCH insulted by this – how does that make for a “good answer?”

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Josh.

      I’m sorry Miss California’s comments were offensive to you. Americans run the whole spectrum – it would be difficult, if not impossible, for any one candidate to properly represent the entire nation.

      The great thing about America is that it isn’t a Miss USA winner who decides policies for important issues such as gay marriage. That is what our democracy is all about.

    • Does that mean we don’t have the right to have a different view? I honestly don’t get it. There will always be people who do not agree with special rights for people because of the way they have sex.

      • Sarah & Tim Says:

        Thanks Sabinspirations for your comment. Absolutely, we are all entitled to our own opinions and differences of belief. Just because people are pro family and pro marriage doesn’t make them crazy, old fashioned or offensive.

  7. lizmthibault Says:

    I watched the pagaent. I don’t think the question cost her the crown. I think she was scored 2nd the whole way through. They are supposed to be judged by how they answer, Miss Arizona flubbed that. And who could forget Miss Teen was it South Carolina? That is flubbing a question. Miss California and Miss Noth Carolina both answered the questions the best. Perez Hilton has sure taken offense to this! My goodness, ask a controversial question, expect an answer you may not agree with. Judge by how they express their opinions while still being fair to others. Miss Cali did that.

  8. Kevin Says:

    I very much agree with many of you who have commented on the question. What a stupid question to be asking at a contest such as this.

    Miss California did well, this isn’t a strike against guys or what they want to achieve it’s a person with the courage to speak her own personal beliefs. Why should anyone be badgered into a certain response so as to not make some group upset. Isn’t this still American where we have freedom of speech, or is it that we can only speak if it appeases a certain group?

  9. The truth is there is an agenda in American to shove an alternative lifestyle down peoples throats. And that is real.

  10. Whatever Says:

    All gays will go to hell – and they know it . I am not surprised they are getting offended at an individuals personal belief, they just dont want to admit they are rejected by most – Globall

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