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Celebrity Lookalike March 29, 2009

Apparently in this photo by Jennel I resemble Angelina Jolie.

sarah-ward-zurgentlyTim’s is Ashton Kutcher.  Thanks to Kai Photography for Tim’s awesome portrait.

Who’s yours?



5 Responses to “Celebrity Lookalike”

  1. lizmthibault Says:

    I look like sort of like Anne Hathaway and that chick who is the main actress in the Fox series Dollhouse.

    Spark is FABULOUS!!! Matt thought things were too oniony, and he felt like he had a lot of black pepper on his. I did not notice this at all. As a culinary professional and avid foodie, I definitely suggest it. Great place to go for a mocktail just to hang out too!

  2. starlaschat Says:

    A few years ago when I had bangs I heard a lot that I looked like Sandra Bullock. I haven’t heard that in a few years but it was a nice compliment. A friend of mine gave me a dress that use to be hers I wore it once it’s so short,LOL That’s probably why she got rid of it. One of those afraid to move around to much dresses.

  3. Adhis Says:

    This one guy used to tell me I looked like Deanna Troy when that show was still on TV. I suppose there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but the guy who told me was a die-hard Star Trek fan, and I always felt a little dirty when he said it.


    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      I can see the Deanna Troy thing with your dark, wavy hair and features. Hilarious comment!!

      I couldn’t find a good celebrity lookalike pic, but have been told that I resemble the girl from a Knight’s Tale – Shannyn Sossamon. It’s a compliment!

  4. Jim McBleecker Says:

    I look like John Ritter after he got fat, with a touch of Bernie Mac. Although some say a mulato John Goodman. Either way it’s a compliment.

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