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Etsy – ebay for girls March 22, 2009

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If you’re not familiar with etsy, it’s like ebay for girls, sans auctions.  Etsy embraces all things handmade and allows designers and entrepreneurs market their wares affordably.  So for the discerning fashionista that doesn’t want to show up to a party matching someone else, Etsy is for you!  Today I was browing the handmade clothing section on etsy and encountered some fabulous (and modest!) finds…



il_430xn62032455il_430xn62627144il_430xn61590068il_430xn60806700Simply divine.

What is your closet coveting these days?


9 Responses to “Etsy – ebay for girls”

  1. chandra Says:

    Such cute clothes. I have the hardest time as spring approaches! I want a whole new closet of clothes. That would be a dream. I still want one of those cute belts you have. The one that is asian inspired. I gotta find that post and order me one 🙂

  2. Amy Anderson Says:

    LOVE etsy!!

  3. lizmthibault Says:

    This is such great stuff! I am coveting full outfits that have slacks instead of jeans and jewelry and purses.

  4. stylebyfire Says:

    CUUUUTE STUFF!!!! I’ve never really browsed etsy but I thought they’d only have bags and jewelry.

    “Ebay for Girls” is definitely a concise way to describte Etsy 🙂

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      Ooooh I totally recommend checking out Etsy. You have to have an account to purchase but it’s kind of cool, you can also bookmark sellers that you love so you’ve got it all in one place.

      Etsy is everything homemade, they’ve got it all!

  5. starlaschat Says:

    Very Cute! I’m coveting a colorful flirty short dress for spring why because that’s just the mood I hope I will be in as soon as this darn snow melts.

  6. I love the jacket!
    For some reason, maybe it is because I am female, but I can’t ever be satisfied with just a few pieces of clothing! I have to have the next beautiful thing-either shoes or handbags!

  7. cath Says:

    NotOnTheHighStreet, Coriandr, Folksy – more ‘girly ‘and ‘manly’ ones.

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