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Ginger’s Anniversary March 15, 2009

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Today is our second year anniversary with our feisty and fabulous calico Ginger!  When we announced the newest addition to our family, here’s how we did it:

Hello Loved Ones!
> We are well and enjoying ourselves in Utah. Being here in Utah,
> we got to thinking and we have decided to grow our family in a
> less traditional way — we are adopting! Isn’t it great?!
> Before you freak out, please know that we are adopting a kitten.
> We have been looking for sometime now and having exhausted other
> resources, google’d ‘Provo kitten’ on Saturday and came up with a
> craigslist link which led us to our lovely new kitten which we
> will pick up on Friday once she’s 6 weeks. The lady who is
> entrusting the kitten with us is also named Sarah, from Canada
> (Calgary) and her husband is working across the parking lot from
> Tim. Small world, isn’t it??
> Check out the photos!

ginger-little2the first day we met Ginger.
she had blue eyes.

little-gingershe was the runt of the litter.
look at that little tail!

ginger-march-15Ginger rode on my shoulder the whole way home

climbing-gingersince she was too small to jump, Ginger found a creative way to climb.
she learned Spiderman skills

ginger-guitar-2mesmerized by the guitar

ginger-computercatnapping on the warm computer 🙂

ginger-timshe used to spend lots of time perched like a parrot on our shoulders…
once I even cooked a whole meal with her looking on

and we have to save the best for last…


she used to play leap frog and get a running start from down the hall.

Do you have any fun pet stories you’d care to share?


10 Responses to “Ginger’s Anniversary”

  1. Amy Anderson Says:

    Ginger most definately has LOTS of purrr-sonality 😀 So cute!

  2. lizmthibault Says:

    I love this cat!!!! What personality. Happy Anniversary.

  3. Peter Funk Says:

    My pet story:
    So, one day most of us were in our watching TV and we started to smell the familiar smell of a skunk. The smell started getting stronger and stronger, so my dad decided to take a look outside. He figured that Buster, the dog, probably had a run-in with a skunk and had come near the house to get away from the smell. Well, when he looked outside, he saw Buster wiping his nose on the ground in the garden. “Oh, great!”, he thought. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Scully, the cat, and knew he didn’t want her to get near Buster and start to smell too. So he let her in. The expression on the faces of the rest of the family must have been priceless. Scully’s face was just dripping with skunk spray. She was blinded and scared so she began running around the whole house bumping into chairs, walls, and everything else in her way. Eventually we caught her because she was hiding under a bed and the smell pretty much gave away her position. Luckily, mom had bought some deodorizer a short time before which completely took care of the smell all over the house and on Scully, who has since fully recovered.

  4. Lowell Says:

    And to think you “discovered” her in our front room… [sniff!]

  5. Andrea Says:

    Cute cat. I love the one of her perched on your shoulder in the car. Makes me want a kitten.

  6. starlaschat Says:

    Awww that so sweet! And of course what a super cute Ginger kitty. It reminds me of one of my favorite pictures of one of my cats, Alex sitting on my shoulder. We have 2 black and white cats we adore them and most of the time the are well behaved. But being two boys they fight a little more then I like.

  7. Yay! I am already in love! I love all the pics too – with the guitar, and the soda, and spread eagle all crazy-like there at the end!!!! ha ha! Love it!

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