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I DID It! I applied for America’s Next Top Model March 10, 2009

Thank you for your incredible feedback and support about applying for America’s Next Top Model.  After much deliberation and conversation, I took the leap and applied!

It was an arduous process (story to come) which involved a subzero swimsuit photo shoot, plus filming the video application, plus a 15-page application/contract, not to mention the incredible effort of sending the package with Murphy’s Law and miracles interlaced between.

In the meantime, here are my submission photos. Kudos to the three incredible photographers that helped get these pictures ASAP for the application.

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Photo by Tuttle Photography

Photo by Tuttle Photography

Photo by Molto Bella Photography

Photo by Molto Bella Photography

I was SO close to submitting this one instead though, but realized it needed to be a full length swimsuit pic. Oh well, great one for the portfolio

Photo by Molto Bella Photography

Photo by Molto Bella Photography


12 Responses to “I DID It! I applied for America’s Next Top Model”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    ohh Good luck sarah!! Let me know when the show airs. I rarely ever watch that show BUT because you’re going to be applying for the show. I’ll def watch and Vote (if it allows…) for you!! hehe =)


  2. Kellene Says:

    Good Luck, Sarah Kitten. We’re rooting for you!

  3. I don’t think they could possibly pass up your ap! If they don’t I’ll personally help you track them down and beat them up! Thank God I’ll never have to make good on that threat because they’d be crazy not to give you the call. I absolutely love the last pic :).

  4. Sabina Says:

    Hey Sarah

    Way to go. I think you are brave (and crazy) to do it. I wish you all the best on that one. You would win!!! You’re all the things the girls are not….calm, level headed, balanced….he he he!

    • Sarah & Tim Says:

      Thanks Sabina, your comment made me laugh. Tim thought it was tongue in cheek… calm, level headed, balanced? Sometimes 😀 Thanks for your encouragement!!!

  5. Shelley Says:

    Amazing photos Sarah! Well done!

  6. jaykilgore Says:

    Good luck to ya!

  7. Monica Says:

    Sarah, you sexy gal, you’ve got my vote!

  8. lizmthibault Says:

    WOW!!!! This is awesome. I think you look like you could be on the show. I really hope you make it on!!!!!!!!! I think you have the right look, and boy do you know how to work your bod! I love the different moods of these pics. Artsy to commercial to Sports Illustrated. Perfection!

  9. Sabina Says:

    Tongue in cheek….maybe! Ha (Tim is good). Actually, it was more in reference to the seeming psycho nut bars that are on the show. As one who has never missed an episode I have come to appreciate the ones who don’t live up to the stereotype (no…you don’t all have to act like Naomi Campbell)!!!!

  10. Tabitha Nielson Says:

    WOW!!! Go Sarah!!!!!

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