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EFY = Good Times March 7, 2009

n604700144_892901_8408Anyone who has ever attended an EFY session (Especially for Youth) can attest that they’re some of the best times ever. EFY is synonymous for the cutest boys, little or no sleep and the most fun you’ve ever had… in addition to being a huge testimony booster. At EFY chivalry is alive – boys open doors for girls, carry cafeteria trays and serenade them on a regular basis. It’s amazing.

scan0005In 2004 I had a chance to be an EFY counselor in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta – and had time of my life. Several of my kids from EFY have gone on missions and gotten married in the temple. It’s incredible to see how the gospel sticks in their lives.

scan0008I always had HUGE crushes on my EFY counselors – always the older, hotter guys – and it was interesting to have the tables turn 🙂 One of the kids from EFY Calgary had a big crush on me. So cute!

Did you go to EFY? What were some of your favorite memories? Here are some of mine…

scan0006bChivalry is alive!

scan0005bEFY dances.  There’s no going back.

scan0008bMarking up brand new scriptures

n604700144_892917_6345Maren Ord came to perform at our EFY talent show. Michael proposed. Maren played along.

n604700144_892865_4267My Edmonton girls

scan0016being randomly serenaded by the boys

scan0012bthe poster contest – Ezra on the left has gone on to major in art!

scan0009bheart attacks

scan0010bthe Asian invasion


scan00091awesome fellow counsellors

n604700144_892886_2978scan0015the lost and found fashion show

scan0014utter and complete exhaustion

Let’s hear it for EFY.


8 Responses to “EFY = Good Times”

  1. lizmthibault Says:

    Now I wish I had gone to EFY. My fave is the
    Lost-and-Found fashion show, what a great idea! It is tough to become a councelor there, that is amazing you got to do it.

  2. Quincy Says:

    EFY carries the best of memories. It really is the greatest thing! Ha. I especially love your Asian invasion 🙂 I don’t think we had much of that at the Provo session, but it was great anyway!

    I will have to post some EFY pictures from this past summer–such great times. Thank you for showing these!

  3. Lowell Says:

    I admite to frequently making fun of Especially For Youth and all the giddy hormones associated therewith. Working in the BYU Student Center for an entire summer will do that to you.

    Notwithstanding, my first summer at Especially For Youth right before I turned 16 was, without going into detail, perhaps the most pivotal, defining moment that could have possibly happened to me in my youth.

    The only other things which have affected me to that degree were my mission and my marriage to Elise.

  4. Lowell Says:

    (and, of course, spell “admit” wrong. brilliant)

  5. Spencer Says:

    No way! My brother is in one of those pictures! I randomly came across this blog and then I found a pic of my bro. lol. On the far right in the 3rd pic.

  6. Spencer Says:

    His name is Brett. Do you remember him by chance?

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