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Adventures in Bangs March 1, 2009

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bangs... the last time around

bangs... the last time around

This Friday I decided to get bangs. I haven’t had bangs since Christmas 2006 in Vancouver (after being inspired by the Devil Wears Prada – no surprise!) and I love how young and fun I feel with them.

So, I visited the David Douglas Salon in the Riverwoods and took the plunge. Devyn did an incredible job on my new blunt bangs and I’ve gotten lots of compliments since then. My red streak is now showcased in my bangs, too – I promise I’ll have pictures soon!

Yesterday, I had some fun adventures with my bangs…

  • When I was at Lisa’s place teaching her 17-year-old son, BG, piano lessons, her younger son, Scotty, mistook me as BG’s girlfriend!!! Bangs definitely make me look younger
  • Lisa did a doubletake before she recognized me!
  • We had to re-introduce me to Lisa’s husband, Doug, because he didn’t recognize me. Apparently I look completely different with bangs 🙂

Here’s to new haircuts!


6 Responses to “Adventures in Bangs”

  1. Amy Anderson Says:

    Can’t wait to see further pics with your bangs.

    And you HAVE to try the bread recipe. The best things about it is the time involved it’s just sitting around. I just start it when I wake up in the morning and by late afternoon it’s ready to put in the oven to enjoy for dinner. It’s really amazing and so, so simple!

  2. lizmthibault Says:

    I bet you rock bangs.

    I adore The Devil Wears Prada too.

    I am in the market for a new stylist and was wondering if you could reccommend one.

  3. Melissa Mae Says:

    I love bangs. I can’t ever seem to grow mine out. Right when they get chin length, I get weak and cut them again. You look cute with any haircut.

  4. Mindi B Says:

    I love the new bangs! They look really good!!

  5. Adhis Says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting bangs, but I wanted to run it by a stylist who actually knows what they’re doing and could tell me beforehand if my cowlicks would cause bang-chaos. How nice you are to name a couple of salons for me!

    But, hey, you left out Dollar Cuts. 😛

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