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when in doubt, give art January 7, 2009

This Christmas, there were several creative gifts that were given.  Instead of buying gifts, several of our extremely artistic family members made one of a kind gifts instead.

Since returning from his mission this year, my not so little brother Steven has been studying art at Langara College in Vancouver.  This is Ness, done specially for Tim.


sdc18274The X-ray painting.  Brilliant!  This is going to match perfectly in our living room!  Since it was too large for the carry-on, Stephanie is babysitting it for us.  Thanks, Steph.

sdc18190Like a kid at Christmas, Uncle Barry was thrilled with his Harvey Birdman compilation by Joseph.  It was ironic, since Uncle B gave Joe a Harry Birdman video game.  Wild!

sdc18194Joseph drew Charlie-moley – with the mole, since removed – and his bride to be.  Charlie lived with our family for two years as an exchange student.  On his scriptures is engraven Charlie Ward Shin.


sdc18193Saundra’s gift to us – impressive, isn’t it?

sdc18220Clean thoughts, everyone!  Nice work, Steven.


The one to the left is a painting or Rec Beach, Vancouver’s local nude beach.  The title: It’s too cold to be naked.  Yessssssss…


Mom loves her portrait of her and Dad by Joe.

When in doubt, give art.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


5 Responses to “when in doubt, give art”

  1. lizmthibault Says:

    I adore this art! I love popart. What talent! I love how artsy all of you are. Things like this art make your blog so unique.

  2. Mindi B Says:

    Wow! Need I say more?!

  3. Melissa Says:

    I LOVE creative, personal gifts. They are better than anything money could possibly buy!

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