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Photos by Justin Hackworth Photography December 29, 2008

Here’s some great shots from Tim and I’s recent photo shoot with Justin Hackworth Photography.  We meandered downtown Provo and had a great time.  Justin was totally willing to work with our zany ideas (he appreciated that we wanted to take pictures at sushi instead of the usual orchard request).  Even tho the photos were taken a week into December, even got some shots back in time for Christmas.  Enjoy!



5 Responses to “Photos by Justin Hackworth Photography”

  1. Amy Anderson Says:

    Wonderful!! How difficult it would be to choose! They all are perfect.

  2. Tabitha Nielson Says:

    Beautiful. And creative.

  3. lizmthibault Says:

    I love sushi at Osaka too! I think that looks like where you were. The pics are totally gorgeous, you are both such great models.

  4. Quincy Says:

    You two are so gorgeous! Really-these are amazing. And props to Justin Hackworth for extraordinary photography.

  5. Sarah & Tim Says:

    Yes, Osaka is amazing! Thanks for the great compliments, we were way impressed with the shots by Justin, too.

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