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Stranded in Portland on Christmas Eve December 24, 2008

It’s Christmas Eve and instead of being in roasting chestnuts on an open fire with the Wards in Vancouver, we are at a Howard Johnson hotel in Portland.  Yep.  Thanks to three feet of snow in Vancouver, we joined the ranks of troubled travelers as our connecting flight from Portland to Vancouver was canceled at the last minute, leaving us stranded in Portland on Christmas Eve.  After reaming out the poor customer service agents at the counter, we explored our options.

  1. Fly out on the next flight to Vancouver at 10am Christmas morning
  2. Take a flight to Seattle at 9pm Christmas Eve
  3. Cancel the flight and drive six (or eight or ten or twelve, weather pending) hours to Vancouver

We opted with the first.  Thankfully Air Canada was able to get us on a 6am flight to Vancouver first thing tomorrow.

As we were on the phone working out the details for a hotel room, the thought crossed my mind – what if there aren’t any rooms for us to stay in?  As frightening a thought as it was, immediately I thought of Mary and Joseph, finding no room in the inn and settling for the humble stable instead on that first Christmas night.  We were not the first with frustrated travel agendas.  This certainly put things into perspective for us.

So whereever you are, Merry Christmas.  We hope you made it home for the holidays.

PS: word to the wise – always fly direct, especially on Christmas Eve


5 Responses to “Stranded in Portland on Christmas Eve”

  1. Sabina Says:

    Sorry you are stranded. I hope you can find some joy and enjoy the evening. I was tracking santa on norad, when I was told “you know he’s not real”!!! Bah humbug!!! Ha ha.
    You will arrive to a white christmas….2 feet of white worth…15 cm to fall overnight. Be sure to call us over the holidays. We’re in town and look forward to hearing from you.

  2. lizmthibault Says:

    Yes, I have experienced the woes of flight connections. Good luck tomorrow. What you said about Mary and Joseph really put things in perspective. Matt and I have also been having a very grown-up attitude about Christmas this year, and it brings a whole new spirit to this wonderful season. Merry WHITE Christmas!

  3. Amy Anderson Says:

    We were thinking about you both today knowing you were traveling! Yes! We have TONS of snow and as you know we don’t handle it as well as SLC. Glad to hear you’re safe and you can make it home tomorrow.

  4. Lauren Says:

    If only direct flights were all it took to not be stranded! I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but our direct flight to St. Louis was delayed by 7 hours until 1 in the morning and then canceled once they had boarded half the plane. It was good we could just go home, but we couldn’t fly out again until Christmas morning. Glad we all made it!

  5. Sarah & Tim Says:

    Lauren, that is INSANE! Yikes! We did the same flying thing Christmas morning – at least we made it in. Hopefully flying back will be easier this time around.

    Thanks Amy for your thoughts!

    Liz – certainly is a white Christmas! We’ve got over two feet of snow on the ground, the banks are huge. The grown up Christmas attitude is awesome. No one seemed interested much in presents this year.

    Sabina – once we got over being grouchy and realizing that it was all we could do, we had a good enough time camping out in Portland. Hope to see you soon!

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