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I shot jack bauer’s gun December 20, 2008

jack-bauers-gunLast week, I went shooting for the first time.  It was CRAZY!  Women of Caliber is a local company that teaches self defense and firearm training for women, by women.  It’s a very cool, empowering concept.  I learned how to handle a gun, load it, check for jams, proper stance and to shoot. And not just any gun – a Glock 9mm.  That’s right.  Jack Bauer’s gun.

(Note:  I stand corrected.  Jack Bauer actually shoots a HK USP 9mm)

So get this – the first time I shot, I got a bullseye!  And in case you don’t believe me, here’s proof!


Kristen and I learned a concept called double tapping which is where you shoot consecutively.  Apparently it’s utilized by law enforcement a lot, since you’re more likely to hit your target the second time.


We also got to unload a whole mag at the end.  By this point I felt shaky, so we only loaded 6 of the 8 shots.  But when I got to the end of my round, I wanted more.  Crazy!


Bravado aside, Kellene said I looked like I was about to cry before I took my first shot.  A gun is such a powerful thing, it really freaked me out (says the anti-gun Canadian…).  Apparently I would lean away from it whenever I picked it up, my internal dialogue plain as the nose on my face.  The hardest thing for me was bracing for the kickback.  The first shot I made, I hadn’t braced my flimsy wrists, so the bullet casing hit me in the face, freaking me out.  Also, the sound a gun makes was way louder than I expected it to be.  You feel it.


On the way back, the girls were thrilled to see Tim’s reaction.  In fact, we even documented it!  Aren’t his new glasses awesome?  Let’s hear it for supportive husbands!



6 Responses to “I shot jack bauer’s gun”

  1. Melissa Says:

    DUDE! I LOVE Jack Bauer. I’m trying to convince Tom to call our son (if we have one) Jack Bauer Johnson. I’m serious.

  2. lizmthibault Says:

    This is Liz from the Equinox party. I really enjoy your blog. It is a lot of fun, you have such an interesting life, especially the wedding stuff. I have always wanted to be a model for bridal gowns. I will be back!!!! I had a similar experience my first time shooting a gun. I really don’t like hand guns, so I give you huge props!!!

    If you never received a permission to my family blog, please email me at with your email address and I will resend it.

  3. idpashooting Says:

    Well done! It sounds like you had a blast. There are now record numbers of women taking up firearms as a hobby/sport and even getting licenses to carry. Nice to read about such a positive and enjoyable experience.

  4. Bill Says:

    Actually he shoots a HK USP 9mm not a Glock Model 17 9mm. The guns look nothing alike. But good shooting!

  5. Devan Says:

    I dare you to shoot one of the Chocolate Handguns from ChocolateWeapons. They melt in your mouth…and in your hand!

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