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Family Photos December 7, 2008

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Tomorrow afternoon, Tim and I will have our family photos taken by Justin Hackworth Photography.  We are stoked!  It’s the first time since our wedding three years ago that we had our picture professionally (& officially) taken.  Unofficially, Tim snuck in on a few shots from a photo shoot Justin and I did in the spring, which is how this photo below came to be.

Lots has happened since 2005.  Lots of hair cuts.  Lots of change.  Lots of growth.  It’s about time!  Photos to come…



One Response to “Family Photos”

  1. chandra Says:

    The festival of the trees is going on at the south jordan convention center. Thats were I took the pictures. If you haven’t been you definately need to make a trip. They have dancers, singers, candy, ginger bread houses, and hundreds of trees. Each tree has a special person that is represented in the tree. Some have the story about the person on the back of the tree label that sits on an easle. Some are so heart wrenching. I wish I had time to read them all but there are so many. And the tickets sales go to primary childrens.

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