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Twilight Review November 21, 2008

I have never picked up the Twilight book or read so much as a word between the covers.  That may change.  Today we saw the Twilight movie.  I admit, before seeing the movie I thought it looked ridiculous, that the actors were terribly cast and that Bella and Edward were some of the ugliest people I’d ever seen.  Let me tell you, they grow on you (particularly Edward).



(doesn’t Robin Allred from our ward bear an amazing resemblance to Bella???)


twilight-northwestAnd I officially miss the pacific northwest

twilight-parentsRather amusing how both Bella’s parents were played by bad guys on 24



So Tim – you have dark hair and great bone structure… squint a little… give me your best brooding look…


6 Responses to “Twilight Review”

  1. Mindi B Says:

    I totally agree about Bella looking like Robin! The first time I saw the trailer I told Jason they looked just like each other. I guess I’m not the only one.

  2. Sarah & Tim Says:

    Glad you thought so, too! Her friend Jessica looks a TON like my sister-in-law Lauren. As soon as I track down a photo I’ll post it 🙂

  3. Robin Says:

    Well, about your first paragraph…from what I see in the picture above my name I think she is quite pretty 😉 so given that I think I’ll say thanks for the…compliment?

  4. Sarah & Tim Says:

    It was absolutely meant as a compliment, Robin! Still photos don’t always portray people well, so after watching the film really did think that everyone was well cast and that the characters were rather lovely. Just for the record!

  5. I will admit that edward did grow on me. I liked Bella from the start–and yes–the rememblance to Robyn is obvious!! I am not so sure about Jacob–but I am not a Jacob fan!! Once you read the books, your review of the movie may change!! I had pretty low expectations, so i was pleasantly surprised!! Of course Cass thought it was “the most intense movie ever!” She has not read the books yet!!! I just think all the frenzy if fun!!

  6. chandra Says:

    BOOO! I just saw it this weekend. I thought it was ok. But the more I think about it the more I don’t like it. Script, cast, and all around movie stunk! Why am I ranting on your blog? Sorry 🙂 Interesting all the hype though.

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