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Homemade French Fries November 16, 2008

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So Tim and I recently bought a big bag of organic potatoes – which I highly recommend… they have so much more flavor than regular potatoes! – and been eating them in creative ways.  These fries which we made for lunch this afternoon were AMAZING!  So I decided to share the not-so-difficult recipe with you.

  1. Take 2 or 3 potatoes & slice them as you wish
  2. Grease your baking pan with butter (or Pam if you prefer)
  3. Turn your oven to a high broil
  4. Brush some olive oil onto the fries & sprinkle salt & pepper on them
  5. Broil the fries until they are golden brown
  6. Remove the fries and flip them over; let them brown
  7. Remove from the oven & serve with a few spoonfuls of sour cream, green onions & freshly grated cheese


PS: In Canada, fries eaten with cheese curds & gravy are called poutine & are absolutely delectable!  This is very close… but a few hundred calories off.


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