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Newly Updated: November 9, 2008

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This week, we gave a facelift!  It has been streamlined and updated to include gift ideas (with the giving season around the corner) and lovely testimonials from some of our favorite individuals.  Please check it out – we’d love your feedback and ideas!


PS: PLUS, we are expanding our gallery, so if you have a photo of yourself wearing some blue bijou bling, please send it to us!  We’d love to showcase your photograph and/or testimonial on our website 🙂  Example: Selina wearing the Selina earrings.  Photo by Melia of Lucida Photography



2 Responses to “Newly Updated:”

  1. Melissa Mae Says:

    It looks great! I get compliments on my bird necklace all of the time! I love your jewelry. And I LOVED that link you sent me. I have a serious addiction to outlining everything in my art. I just love the way it looks.

  2. Sarah & Tim Says:

    Hilary is definitely one of my favorite artists! She paints the Vancouver cityscape so before I left for Utah, I bought up a ton of her postcards and framed them to remind me of home.

    Thanks for your great feedback on the site and your dove necklace. It’s such a versatile piece and long necklaces are SO in!

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