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The Making of Batman November 2, 2008

My brilliant brother, Joseph, undertook the task of making his own Batman costume this year.  In his own words:

-fabric $15
-tropicana box $0
-shoe box $0
-mask (bought last year)
-tape $2
-2 baskets $2
-being batman….priceless!

whoa, yep, I did that!

this was all made in a 5 day period.

Here is a step by step photo montage of the making of Batman.

And no Batman be complete without an arch nemesis.  So Joe’s girlfriend, Vivian, stepped in as the role of Joker.  Pretty sweet, hey?


5 Responses to “The Making of Batman”

  1. Amy Anderson Says:

    WOW!! Amazing! I can’t beleive he made that. What a talent 😀 Viv looks great too.

  2. Shelley Says:

    Joe that final picture – you could be on the big screen – incredible!!!

  3. Sarah & Tim Says:

    I know! It’s so impressive! Apparently the suit was pretty hot and uncomfortable, but he had people wanting to take their pictures with him 🙂 Go Joe!

  4. SUUguy Says:

    That’s awesome! If only I could make costumes like that. 😛

  5. Quincy Says:

    That is amazing! I wish I had such creativity. Don’t forget to check out MY blog, Sara 🙂

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