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Happy Halloween! November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween, everyone!  Here’s some shots of our darling nieces and nephews who came trick-or-treating.  Aren’t they so cute and scary?!

Don’t mess with Nathan!  He’s a ninja.

Adam makes some great monkey sounds!

Doesn’t Jacob make a smashing George Washington?

Rachel looks SO Chinese – she even has the chopsticks to prove it.

Jef was Smiegel – made kids cry.  Pretty sweet.

Mary was very imaginative with her costume this year – candy corn!

And Jean – the witch in charge of the candy and the door.  What would Halloween have been without her?

So after watching The Office and seeing all the great costumes, I decided to dress up after all, reusing my witch costum from last year.  Here’s some highlights from Halloween 2007:

Dorothy – complete with her ruby red slippers & Toto

Where’s Waldo & … Clorox?

Jack Sparrow


3 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Mindi B Says:

    Okay, so Jef was pretty freaky! Halloween is so much fun! Hope you had a blast.

  2. Jb Says:

    Ahhh what cute kids. Whoever those parents are sure did a good job!! Sarah, so impressed with Joe’s costume!!

  3. Sarah & Tim Says:

    Haha, NICE Jennie! Your kids had very creative costumes – well done 🙂 We got Adam to make a monkey sounds, it was awesome.

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