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Tim: In Touch with His Feminine Side October 12, 2008

It takes a man rather secure in his masculinity to play a pink guitar with a Josie-and-the-pussycats-esque strap. Since the taking of this picture, Tim has flipped the strap to the plain suede side. And as for the pink… “It’s not THAT pink!”

Meet Lola – my pink Fender Strat 1960s reissued guitar. When I was working at Tom Lee Music in Vancouver, she sat untouched & unappreciated on the guitar floor forever. Figures – it’s mostly frequented by boys anyway. It went on sale and when I expressed an interest in this pink guitar, all the guys on the floor encouraged me, saying I undoubtedly had an outfit to match.  Men.

With the kids in town visiting this past week (pictures to come), we broke out Lola and she’s been played more in a week than in the last five years. Tim is adamant that if he ever had a show where he played guitar, he’d play Lola. He did wear a pink tie at our wedding. Perhaps we should get HIM a matching outfit, too…


One Response to “Tim: In Touch with His Feminine Side”

  1. SUUguy Says:

    +5 brownie points for Tim for playing a pink guitar that his wife bought. 😛

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