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L & L Motivation Success July 30, 2008

Recently I met a new friend named Lloyd Dison, the founder of L & L Motivation Success. Lloyd is truly remarkable as he has 5 crushed vertebrae and 5 crushed discs in his neck and back – but you’d never know it! He functions like someone with a perfectly healthy spine. He teaches people to change their physical, emotional & spiritual lives through concepts like dynamic visualizations, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and clinical hypnosis. He works with children and adults alike, helping them recover from abuse, lose weight, improve health, wealth, marriage and family life.

Since becoming acquainted with Lloyd, I have learned so much about how the subconscious mind works and ways I can make it work in my favor. In his office, you’ll see these high wheelers all over the place. In a way we can all understand, he compares the conscious mind to the small wheel on a high wheeler, comprising 10%, and our subconscious minds as the large wheel with 90% control. Fascinating!

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis happens whenever we daydream or use our imagination. We are constantly doing self hypnosis during the day. Isn’t that wild? I have learned invaluable lessons about myself and have had remarkable spiritual experiences with his coaching and hypnosis. Thank you, Lloyd.


3 Responses to “L & L Motivation Success”

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  3. Ryan Says:

    It is so great to hear about people using the power of suggestion to bring in the positive to other peoples life. Great article and obviously a great person! I look forward to more of your amazing posts in the near future. Thanks


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