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Harmonautica July 21, 2008

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Tim plays in a band called Harmonautica with two other incredibly talented musicians, Josh Francis on trumpet/keys and Eric Blood on bass. This Friday night, they played a show at the Music School in American Fork and I had a chance to take it all in. Here are some highlights from the show. Enjoy.

Tim setting up for the show

Josh and Eric pointing at Tim to start them off

Josh on trumpet – quite possibly the best picture of the evening

Eric tuning his bass

Below: Tim on Cajon (literally “box” in spanish – a very cool percussive instrument)


2 Responses to “Harmonautica”

  1. Brett Says:

    Those are some cool pics. I am glad that Tim is still doing what he does best! Have they posted any music online?!

  2. Sarah & Tim Says:

    It is a work in progress – they have some recordings and have a website and MySpace that’s in the works. Are you playing with anyone in NYC? You probably have incredible stuff happening all the time!

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