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Flamenco in San Francisco July 19, 2008

One of the highlights from our recent San Francisco trip was live flamenco at La Taza de Cafe in Oakland. San Francisco has some of the best flamenco in the entire continent, so before anything else, I made arrangements to find flamenco. is a great guide to flamenco performances, nightlife and classes in the Bay area. It was there that we found out La Taza de Cafe in Oakland has live quadro flamenco on Friday nights. Quadro flamenco is where you have a singer, guitarist and two dancers taking turns dancing and doing palmas (clapping). There is nothing quite like seeing live flamenco in such an intimate setting, typically the size of a living room and kitchen put together. The power and passion of flamenco is felt strongest in this arena.

We had the honor of taking in a spellbinding performance by bailoras Melissa Cruz and Kerensa DeMars with singer Azriel “El Moreno” and guitarist David Gutierrez. They captivated us for two sets consisting of Sevillanas, alegrias, bulerias por fiesta, solea por bulerias and even a rumba with special guest performances from audience members! I was pulled up by Kerensa and given a chance to make it up with her on the spot. Exhilarating!

Additionally, the staff at La Taza are incredibly accommodating and pleasant – plus their food is AMAZING! Thanks for a great night of fabulous food and flamenco!

FLAMENCO NIGHTS at La Taza de Café

Friday nights!

Flamenco Nights at:
La Taza de Cafe
3909 Grand Avenue (@ Sunnyslope)
Oakland, CA

Fridays each month
Visit for featured artists
Call (510) 658-2373 for dinner reservations


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