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Photos by Kai July 13, 2008

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One of my dear friends, Diana Wong – AKA Kai – has recently decided to start her own photography business! I’m so excited for her. She’s got a great eye and recently captured my eccentric family in print. Here are my favorites:

Mom and Dad

Saundra, Dad & Mom

Steven and Joe

Steven and Joe

Steven, Saundra, Dad, Mom, Joe

Joe, Mom & Steven in front of Chateau Ward


3 Responses to “Photos by Kai”

  1. Chandra Says:

    Those really are great pictures! I just love the caught in the moment pictures. Is Kai local? wait just kidding I figured she is in Canada because they are pictures of your family. Duh. It looks like a great wedding. That is so fun that you guys went to california. I bet they were so glad you were there.

  2. Diana Says:

    Those are by me!! That’s so cool!!
    Hopefully, business will be up and running next month!

  3. Amy Anderson Says:

    How did I miss this post? What wonderful pictures! Truly a beautiful eye. Love the one of your entre family together. Saundra is growning up waaaay to fast! Those brother’s of yours have 2 years to get really pumped up to intimadate the beau’s. Diana will be very successful in her business for sure.

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