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Happy Birthday, Stephanie! June 18, 2008

Filed under: family — Sarah @ 1:34 am

Stephanie and I were born two days apart in June – she, on June 17, me on June 19. She was always the adorable, funny one. I used to communicate for her when she was younger: “Yes, Stephanie would like orange juice.” We often had joint birthday parties. After she got back from Prague a couple years ago, we had another joint party, just for kicks. She is now in San Francisco for the summer, taking California by storm with APX. She is so cultured, outspoken and sophisticated after a two year stint in Europe. Who knew – little Stephanie. Taking over the world.


One Response to “Happy Birthday, Stephanie!”

  1. Chandra Says:

    Ya isn’t that such a funny story! I did see you guys leaving this morning and yes I was on my way back home. Loved the dance moves Jennie’s got. So funny!

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