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Olivia Jade Hair Salon June 15, 2008

There is a new high-end salon called Olivia Jade Hair Salon that recently opened in Saratoga Springs. I went to get a cut and style on Friday and was very impressed! They’ve got a gorgeous black and white theme going on and use an all natural vegan hair line called PureOlogy. The conditioner feels minty and tingly on your scalp and the styling serum smells like sandalwood – incredible!

The owner, Jessica Newcomb, is young, fun and very health conscious so we got along famously. Jessica saved me from my bush-like winged hair cut and gave me a sleek, sophisticated A-line bob (pictures to come). We also had a fantastic conversation about why not to drink from bottles of water unless they’re polycarbonate — if the water heats above 70*F at any point, the plastic releases chemicals into your water. Yuck!

My visit to Olivia Jade Hair Salon was a great experience that I would highly recommend. To contact Olivia Jade, call 801-768-4552. They are located at 27 West Hillcrest Road in Saratoga Springs across the street from the car wash.


One Response to “Olivia Jade Hair Salon”

  1. Alecia Says:

    Have you had your hair colored at Olivia Jade? I just moved to Saratoga and I’m looking for a new stylist. Thank you.


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