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Job Hunting June 10, 2008

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We have spent the last little while job hunting. While we’ve got some exciting things happening on the side, until things get rolling it’s always great to know we’ve got our bases covered.

So Tim has his fifth interview with an IT company in Orem tomorrow! Considering the time they’ve invested, I think he’s pretty much a shoe-in.

I’ve had a couple people contact me, though I’m still keeping my options open. If you do hear of any cool administrative positions in the area, we’re all ears!

PS: here’s a funny story – I am considering an administrative assistant for a new company and as I have been emailing back and forth with the owner, he sent me pictures of women as a sample of what he was looking for!  I emailed back asking whether he was looking for someone who resembled these women or emulated their style.  Luckily, he just liked their style.  Tim and I had a good laugh.


6 Responses to “Job Hunting”

  1. Jon Funk Says:

    5 interviews?! Wow. It seems that employers in Utah require a lot of interviews before they hire someone. I think Dad had 3 for his job at Wal Mart. For my current job, I went to lunch with my bosses. I found out when they extended the offer that they considered that the interview. Good luck with the job searches!

  2. kavetvjunkie Says:

    Yeah, those interviews can always be a pain. I remember one time Target extended a job offer to me without actually following through with it. I showed up to orientation and they pulled me aside and told me that I wasn’t invited. It wasn’t pleasant.

  3. wardfunk Says:

    Jon – Three interviews for WalMart? Startling! I still can’t believe Tim will have had 5 whopping interviews. Sheesh! I like the way your boss hires.

    Kave – Ouch. Did they suddenly have a lapse of memory that they’d hired you in the first place?

  4. Amy Anderson Says:

    Any word yet if he has the job?

  5. wardfunk Says:

    We should hear today or tomorrow! Fingers crossed…

  6. segan123 Says:


    Well it looks like Tim will probably be getting the job, so that’s great!!

    But I just thought I’d invite you to check my blogs out since it looks like you are still in the browsing phase. I have a ton of great info for job searchers, including links to several career sites of some notable companies that are currently hiring. There should be some Utah stuff in there somewhere, and I always see admin-type positions available, so that shouldn’t be a problem! And don’t forget about my other blog, which can be linked to through my About section.

    Best of luck to you!!


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