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How to Avoid Illness June 6, 2008

Last week, Tim got the stomach flu. It was apparently going around the neighborhood and hit him hard. It was a six hour bug that he recovered from fairly quickly. Amazingly enough, I did not get sick!

I attribute it to three things:

  1. I do not kiss sick people
  2. I wash my hands like I’m OCD – particularly when those close are ill
  3. I take NutraNomics “Immunibuild”

NutraNomics is the company of a family friend, Tracy Gibbs, and the Immunibuild blend really kept sickness at bay last week – amazing!

As a fun sidebar, we had told Tracy some silly Newfie jokes a few months back. For those of you non-Canadians, Newfie jokes make fun of Newfoundlanders in Canada. In truth, some of Canada’s funniest comedians hail from Newfoundland. Here’s one my mom has been telling for decades – Where do Newfies keep their armies? Up their sleevies! bahahah! A few weeks back, Tracy happened to be with the Premiere of Newfoundland. He relayed this silly joke and said the Premiere laughed politely like he’d never heard it before. Hilarious!

Here’s to health and humor!


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