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Weekend Update May 28, 2008

With everyone getting out of town for the weekend, traffic on the I-15 freeway Friday afternoon was a parking lot. We foraged onwards anyways, because at the end of the yellow brick road was pictures at Justin Hackworth’s photography studio. We finally made it and had a great session, some of which included Tim as well! We are anxiously awaiting the final results.

(This just in – isn’t Justin amazing?! LOVE it!)

Sunday afternoon we drove up to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho with Collette and Tracy and his kids in his diesel Ford truck at 80 mph and enjoyed fantastic Thai food, wonderful company and incredible hot springs.  I was teased for being the Asian that couldn’t take the heat.  We had a scare when we got back to the motel and our bags were gone – apparently there had been a mix-up of rooms and for some reason they had taken our bags…? We were freaking out, but all is well.

And last but not least – now for my HUGE NEWS! I happened upon a flamenco guitarist here in Utah by the name of Gabriel Edgar. We are going to start collaborating on flamenco together. I’d venture to say he is the best flamenco guitarist in Utah and I am thrilled to begin working with him. (PS: on his site,, you can listen to his flamenco recordings)


3 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Sarah,
    I had such a pleasant time making these photographs of you and I was really happy to meet Tim as well. I can’t wait to get you the rest of the images. Thanks!

  2. Jon Funk Says:

    Cool pix. Fantastic Thai food in Idaho? I never would have guessed.

  3. wardfunk Says:

    Thanks! I know – who would have thought?

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