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Joseph Smith The Prophet April 29, 2008

Joseph Smith the Prophet

This Saturday night, our friend Collette was performing “Joseph Smith The Prophet” at the Tabernacle on Temple Square. While we went to support her, Tim and I were astounded at the caliber of music we heard. Similar to Music and the Spoken Word, produced by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir each Sunday morning, Joseph Smith The Prophet consisted of orchestration, narration, soloists with a powerful choir to back them up. The Spirit was felt in abundance and I was in tears for the first half of the performance.

We later learned that this musical masterpiece was composed and conducted by young Rob Gardner who, with little formal musical training, possessed a tremendous testimony to share of the Prophet Joseph.

Spire Music

Early this morning I looked online for the CD and found Spire Music, a non-profit organization co-founded by Gardner with this vision: “…Music has an unparalleled ability to teach, uplift, edify and inspire. Our hope is to discover gifted individuals: composers, vocalists, instrumentalists, arrangers, lyricists, etc., and to give them the opportunity to use their talents to write and give voice to new, superior music of a sacred or inspiring nature. To paraphrase Spencer W. Kimball, our mission is to “strive for perfection—the best and greatest—and never [be] satisfied with mediocrity,” seeking out those “[who will] give life and feeling and true perspective to a subject so worthy.”

This performance redirected my focus and reminded me of the music within that I yearn to share and the responsibility that is mine. A heartfelt thank you to all the musicians who shared their music with us. It has been years since I have felt music bring the Spirit so powerfully.

Truly we were inspired.

Spire Music –


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