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real deals! April 22, 2008

We had a great time on Good Things Utah today! In case you missed the show, click here to watch it!

As the featured Real Deals segment, you can get a $30 Gift Certificate from blue bijou for a whopping $15! What a great deal! For more details, visit the Real Deals website. These can be redeemed on for any blue bijou jewelry, including the dynamiss and bridal collection! These gift certificates will make a great gift for Mothers’ Day!

Here are the pieces featured on the Real Deals segment of Good Things Utah!

real dealsreal dealsreal dealsreal deals

Plus a special thanks to Amanda of Black Door Floral for the beautiful bouquet she provided!

real deals


5 Responses to “real deals!”

  1. Steve Ward Says:

    What can I say? I am a proud Dad. You were great sweetie.

  2. Melissa Mae Says:

    Um, the blondie on the bottom right is my cousin! Thats crazy.

  3. Melissa Mae Says:

    Oh yah, I watched the video. So fun, congrats! I love your jewelry. I’ll have to save up and buy myself something soon! Still crazy that my cousin (Rachel) modeled for you. Small world.

  4. wardfunk Says:

    Thanks, Daddy-O! You’re awesome.

    Melissa – that’s so wild that Rachel and you are related! I found Julie Parker through your site and I guess you must be related to her, too, since Rachel is Julie’s niece! What a small world 🙂 Thanks for your lovely feedback, too

  5. […] be showcasing blue bijou jewelry on four different looks – casual, dressy, formal and bridal. Tune in and be inspired! In case you miss it, there will be a link to see Sarah and Blue Bijou on […]

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