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Arte Latino Festival – Park City, Utah March 27, 2008

parkcitysat-007.jpgSomething about Park City makes me feel like I’m on vacation — must be because it reminds me a lot of Whistler, a favorite vacation spot. An avid fan of Park City and flamenco, I jumped at the chance to see Bien Flamenco perform at the Kimball Art Center on March 8 for their Arte Latino Festival.
Bien Flamenco is the only live flamenco ensemble in the entire of state of Utah comprising of guitarist, Godo, Sariah (in the green), and two other dancers. Sariah does a masterful job of arranging numbers for three dancers, and their castanets work is remarkable.


My favorite photo of the night – Sariah’s Solea Solo with a fan.

We were in for a further treat since Mexican artist Joe Bravo, renown for his incredible art painted on tortillas, was in town from LA to kick off the exhibit at the Kimball Arts Center. Bravo said since tortilla was cheaper than canvas as a poor college student, this was how he expressed his art. And I thought tortillas were for eating…



6 Responses to “Arte Latino Festival – Park City, Utah”

  1. thebiglife Says:

    Great photos! It seems like an explosion of cultures. Got any videos of the dance? It looks fun. 🙂

  2. Chandra Says:

    HI! Just wanted to tell you that I am so glad I have gotten a chance to know you. You are a great find! 🙂 And I want to see video of the dance too. Maybe a future post. I cant believe those are tortilla shells! That is really cool.

  3. wardfunk Says:

    Unfortunately there is no video from this evening! I guess we’ll all have to just catch them next time live!

    You’re an absolute doll, Chandra! Likewise, likewise, likewise! 🙂

  4. Ady Says:

    Hey guys! I got a cool video of some latinos art. Here it is:

  5. sigrid willey Says:

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  6. sigrid willey Says:

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