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Ginger Loves White Rabbit Candy March 8, 2008

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white-rabbit-candy.jpgAs kids, my mum used to get us these awesome White Rabbit Candies from the Fraser Street Chinatown district in Vancouver. If you’ve never had the pleasure, White Rabbit Candies are a “creamy, chewy, milk candy” according to (who actually SELLS them online!), and can still be found in Asian markets everywhere.
When our friend Diana came to visit us in Utah last spring, she brought a bag of these delectable treats for us from Vancouver. Tim and I both loved them, but someone we weren’t expecting to be a huge fan of them was kitten Ginger.

Months ago, I happened to find a rabbit candy left over somehow and began to eat it. Ginger comes over and starts sniffing around and starts to lick the candy sitting on my tongue! The picture is rather disturbing, so I won’t post it.
Tim just found another stray rabbit candy this morning. Of course, I opened it up and shared it with Ginger who eagerly began licking away at the milky candy. We wanted to share it with you… but the picture we took on Tim’s new Mac won’t load.  😦  Maybe next time.


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