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already I forgot how to say no February 20, 2008

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After a full day, I attended a workshop this evening on how to de-stress and better balance my life. It was great! We were given permission to say no, throw everything out the window and only add what we felt we could handle. When I asked about the guilt I feel when thinking of things I could be doing, he said that it’s in our human nature to want to wriggle away from these negative emotions and that I should try it anyways and allow myself to feel the guilt because this will pass and I will soon become more comfortable with it. When I had a chance to shake the professor’s hand at the end of the night and tell him how I had made alternate arrangements to be there since I’d felt strongly about doing so, he applauded my willingness to say no. I walked away feeling empowered and decided to throw away the to-do list for a night and make time for me, for what I wanted to do. How quickly I forgot.

Upon walking through the door after 9, Tim reminded me that we were going to go grocery shopping (this after I’d spent an hour of my time grocery shopping earlier this afternoon) and take back the movie we’d rented. With the idea of a night to myself still fresh in my mind, I obliged. Regrettably. I kept my shoes on at home (as I despise doing since I never quite settle in) ran our ridiculous errands that certainly didn’t require two people and suddenly the evening is over. How did I forget so soon?


One Response to “already I forgot how to say no”

  1. Lauren F. Says:

    I know what you mean. But I have come to a point that I value “us” time- time with just me and Jon, more than “me” time. It’s most likely because we spend most of our waking hours at work, apart from each other, but I like running random errands with Jon just so we can be together… even if it takes twice as long at the grocery store because we discuss just about every item that goes in the cart.

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