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To Vote or Not To Vote? February 18, 2008

If only it were a choice! Being a resident alien (there HAS to be some nicer way to saycanadian_flag.jpg this) in the United States, while entitled to live and work among Americans, one thing I am not allowed to do is vote. Having followed the caucus voting and primaries across the nation on NPR , I feel like I have a pretty good idea who would get my vote. At this point though, it doesn’t matter. After all this talk of presidential candidates, I’m ashamed to say I had to look up who the Prime Minister of Canada was! One thing I’ve observed is that world affairs covered in the American media primarily consist of the Middle East. And sometimes China. Hardly a mention of Canada. One can live in Canada and still be kept abreast of the happenings within the United States, though apparently not the other way around. The British rule in Canada apparently does much to keep our home and native land connected to the rest of the world.

Politics aside, the weather has been in fine form! One of my clients outside Nashville, Tennessee was telling me this week about the tornadoes that tore through his hometown, narrowly missing his home. Apparently one of his neighbors with a storm shelter was sucked out of the shelter by the twister, leaving his wife and children behind, and was carried by the tornado for several miles. After touching down, he got in touch with friends and loved ones via his two-way radio, reporting he was bleeding to death, sent his love and final regards. Thankfully he is alive, and though not well, healing in the hospital.

While we have had nowhere the tragic weather, Utah was hit by a snowstorm that came out of left field. While the weather men saw it coming, we’d enjoyed two days of sunny and warm spring-is-coming weather and no one wanted to believe the storm was imminent. While not much snow fell, the wind blew up to 70 mph and debilitated Utah Valley. We were without power in Saratoga Springs for hours and children were stranded at Alpine Elementary School and forced to stay the night because buses couldn’t get through the snow. Because of a 16-car-pileup close to our home, the police shut down major thoroughfares and it took us 3 hours to drive 10 miles home! One of our neighbors endured a whopping 6 hours trek home from Salt Lake!

Enough good news for one entry! This week I have been more productive with my time and waded further into Pre-Paid Legal. While somewhat uncomfortable to tip-toe outside my comfort zone, I was rewarded by meeting some astounding individuals.

a-good-year.jpgTim and I also attended our ward Valentines dinner and dance on Friday night and enjoyed a lovely evening of good food and company. Unfortunately all the sappy 80s love songs were first on the roster and they saved the good music till the end — but we were still there to kick off our shoes and cut a rug. It was a good night that ended with watching a Ridley Scott film called A Good Year and falling asleep on the couch. We seem to do that a lot lately. A lovely end to a full day.


2 Responses to “To Vote or Not To Vote?”

  1. kavetvjunkie Says:

    Oh yes, that wind was insane! We were lucky at AFHS to get out of school before the storm hit, but that wind really picked up and made some trouble around 3:30 when I later left, I just about crashed trying to get across town. 😛

  2. wardfunk Says:

    Wasn’t it wild?! I had a friend who was praying as he drove to not die on the way home with the wind blowing and the visibility as it was. Glad you made it home safe!

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