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Don’t Get Too Close February 11, 2008

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Over the last few days, phlegm has been gathering in my throat and I have been waking up with a wicked cough.  Either I am turning into a vampire with my recent aversion of bright light or my sinus is bothering me, and I hope what I’m feeling in my head is not an ear infection.

So what does one do with whooping cough, sinus infection and an icky nose?  I vote for a sick day and staying in bed till 4 in the afternoon though I am open to suggestions.

Yahoo! AvatarI recently discovered Yahoo! Answers and have been getting a kick off of helping complete strangers cope with bad break-ups, understand integral differences between Canada and the US, pointing them in the direction of affordable, comprehensive wills to protect their families, and more.  It’s based on a fun points system, too, so every time I answer a question, I get 2 points, whenever my answer is voted the best answer I get 10 points and I’m already at level 2!  I know, I need to get out of the house more often…  But if I take a sick day tomorrow, I’ll definitely have something to do while I lounge around 🙂


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